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Deciding upon some thing and then not sticking by it can often lead to demotivation, and lack of self-respect and will-power, say many psychologists. And with the New Year drawing near, it is indeed sad to observe that most youngsters today don't make New Year resolutions only because they can never live up to them. "It's no use," says 16 year old Sam, "I do what I've decided for precisely two days and then everything is back to what it used to be."

But we intend to make this New Year truly different and special for all of you. It's not impossible to achieve what you have set out to achieve - be it to quit a bad habit or to make a good one, all it takes is a few do's and don'ts.

First we'll begin with the question: What should your New Year resolution be

1. Your resolution should be specific.

You should know what exactly it is that you are striving to achieve in the New Year, i.e. your goal should not be abstract. For example, "I want to lose weight" is more specific than "I want to eat less".

2. Your resolution should be measurable.

Once you attach a numeric value to your goal, it helps make the resolution more specific and also makes your "progress" measurable. For example, "I want to lose 10 kg." is more specific a resolution than "I want to lose weight". Also, it helps you to know how far or close you are to achieving your goal.

3. Your resolution should be attainable.

It is important that you start working towards your goals and make them attainable. This requires certain attitudes, discipline, financial capacity, etc, as the case may be. For example, if you have to lose 10 kg of weight, it's important that you draw up a nutritious diet plan, enroll yourself at a gym, etc. By making your resolutions attainable,

we mean that you must start working towards it. You cannot just sit there, expecting things to happen. You ought to make them happen.

4. Your resolution should be realistic.

By realistic, we mean practical. It'll be unreasonable to say "I want to lose 20 kg of weight in one week". Resolutions should be rational. Unreasonable goals are often unattainable.

5. Your resolution should be time specific.

Always set a time limit to achieve your goals. That way you'll be more disciplined and focused. For example, "I want to lose 12 kg of weight in six months" is more definite than the resolution "I want to lose 12 kg." After applying the "SMART" funda to set your goals, we now go on to the simple do's and don'ts to make your New Year resolution compliance a success.

1. Have discipline

This is the most important quality that will see you through. It is important that you stick to your plan decision, no matter what. It's very easy to get lured by what people are doing around you. But you have to be determined that you are not going to stray away from your goal.

2. Learn to say "No!"

There will be a lot of offers that will attract you to give in. It may be difficult to say "No" at first, but it's not impossible. If you are on a diet, and somebody offers you a chocolate, say "No!".

3. Don't give in to peer pressure

Often society (read: friends and family) demands that you do exactly what you have set out not to do. You have to have strong willed and will-powered to have it only your way and not give in to pressure.

4. Have self-control

If someone offers you chocolate and you are on a diet, say "No!" and immediately start thinking of something else. Distract your mind from the chocolate or think up some other alternative.

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