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There was a time when if you wanted to browse art, you either had to go to a museum or to a reputed auction house. Ever since art became a major investment property like any other investment, the market for fine art has only been growing. But the problem with fine art is that there are limited number of art works available.

Most of the classical and neo classical masters works have become so expensive as to become un-displayable while the works of contemporary artists are still trying to make their own mark. Which leaves the common man with little scope even to see works of art, let alone own it.But the internet and the advances in technology have come to the rescue. The common man, who until now was denied the privilege of even seeing fine art, can now do at the click of a button – through what is increasingly becoming popular as online art galleries. Simply put, online art galleries are galleries of art and related products which are online. And unlike traditional art galleries and museums, online art galleries have no time restrictions. Online art galleries can display art 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. All you have to do in order to access an online art gallery is to have a computer with an internet connection, click on the URL and presto! You will be magically transported to the fascinating world of art.The other benefit of an online art gallery is the security aspect. One of the reason much of the classical and neo-classical art is heavily guarded in private collection and rarely, if ever, displayed is because of the security concerns. Art has become high brow enough and today, a painting by someone like Picasso and other great masters can fetch millions of dollars in the right art circles.

And where such staggering amounts of money are involved, there is no dearth of thieves and criminals bent upon making their share. Which has led to a boom in the stolen art industry.

And owners of works by famous, reputed and needless to mention, expensive artists are always worried about the safety and security of their art.But these concerns are ified when art is presented in online art galleries. For one thing, what you see in online art galleries are not the actual works of art, but digital reproductions of the actual art. While some people may view online art galleries as cheap and un-realistic representations, the fact remains that it is because of online art galleries that the common man is able to access fine art samples in the first place. It sure is a small price to pay to be able to view the works of great masters! Another area where online art galleries score over conventional art galleries is in the fact that newer and yet to be established artists and painters can easily and affordably display their works.

Online art galleries need very little investment to establish, run and maintain. When compared to the exorbitant capital expenditure involved in conventional art galleries, online art galleries seem like a democratic and inexpensive option. Also, when one considers that online art galleries can be popularized much more easily than conventional art galleries, the benefits will become evident.


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