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Perfume is perhaps the most veteran style statement dabbled by human beings for time unknown. Irrespective of gender preferences, it has been perceived as a pleasant and seductive mean of flaunting one's persona. So, immerse yourselves into the world of aroma and let our online address breeze past you all information and services available on Perfume. This website is a comprehensive guide for you to choose the right fragrance from the right shop across United States.


Be it as a daily freshener or to cast a distinct spell in the crowd, perfumes have remained our loyal allies. These fragrant liquids are more of an "emotional" cosmetic that stir your senses without being a significant health concern. Perfume is defined as an aromatic extract or essence that is composed of a percentage of distilled oil in alcohol and water. This composition dictates the "fragrance formulas", which are the best-kept secrets of the perfume industry. The United States is the world's largest perfume market with annual sales of several billions of dollars.


The word perfume is derived after blending the two Latin words: "per" (meaning "through") and "fumum" (meaning "smoke"). In early days, perfumes were made by extracting natural oils from plants through pressing and steaming. The art of perfumery made its presence felt from the time of ancient Egypt. Years later, it influenced the Greeks and the Romans. It spread the everlasting essence to Europe in thirteenth century when Crusaders brought samples of perfume from Palestine to England, France, and Italy. Once it was a luxury of the royals

to mask or enhance their own odor. France's King Louis XIV used it so much that he was called the "perfume king." But gradually perfumes evolved further as healing properties. Man-made and natural, exotic perfumes are now available all over the world under different designer and common labels. For further information on the various aspects of perfume industry, log on to


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