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Why Advertise on is an online platform that allows property owners and landlords to advertise their rental properties to a wide audience of potential tenants. Using to advertise your rental property has several benefits, including:

The website is easy to use, with a user-friendly interface that allows you to quickly and easily create and manage your property listings. has a large and active user base, with thousands of people visiting the website every day looking for rental properties in Boston.

The website offers a range of tools and features to help you showcase your property and attract potential tenants, including the ability to upload photos, videos, and virtual tours.

The website offers a secure and reliable platform for managing rental inquiries and applications, making it easy for you to connect with potential tenants and review their applications.

marketing strategy offers competitive pricing for advertising your rental property, with a range of flexible plans to suit your budget and needs.

Using to advertise your rental property is an effective and efficient way to reach a large audience of potential tenants and manage your property listings online.

Additionally, offers a range of resources and support for property owners and landlords, including tips and advice for successful rental property management. The website also offers a blog with articles and guides on a variety of topics related to rental property ownership and management, from marketing your property to screening tenants and handling maintenance issues.

By using to advertise your rental property, you can take advantage of the website's expertise and experience in the Boston rental market, and benefit from its large and active user base of potential tenants. Whether you are a seasoned property owner or a first-time landlord, can help you connect with potential tenants and manage your rental property effectively.


Individual Classified Ads

Individual classified ads (without web pages/per apartment) are only $10 for 6 weeks for individual landlord ads (12 weeks for property for sale listings)! Pictures are an additional $15 per ad (total $25). This option is for individual small landlords and persons needing to sublet/rent their whole apartments (with the permission of their landlords!) To place an individual no broker's fee advertisement, click here. You may renew your ad with an email for FREE until it rents.


Real Estate Agencies and Professionals

Advertising for Real Estate Agencies and professionals on this site is a flat $50 per month.


This includes:


  • Our listings database software which allows for ad administration, a searchable listings database and full integration of the listings into a company website. So you can use for anything from simple ad administration to a complete turnkey back end solution to run your office's listings and power everything from one point of data entry.

  • We forward by email all the on-line client cards collected each day to all participating (and licensed) real estate agencies.

  • Classified Ads on are automatically posted (syndicated) on sites like RentalHouses, RentalRoost,, Zillow($), Oodle, PadMapper,, RentPath, RentQwest, Sumu,,,,, Enormo,,, Zilpy,, Zumper,, and many more. There is a built in custom html ad maker for display ad code generation for posting ads on other sites that do not take feeds such as Facebook and Twitter.

  • Your listings will be automatically updated in Intellirent.

  • Our participating agencies also receive discounts on virtual tours and other vendors.

  • We can also build you a personalized website ($).


To learn more, you can email or call (617) 254-5501.


Apartment Communities

Apartment Communities with 75+ apartments should call 617-254-5501 for rates and specials.


Domain Hosting

We can also host your domain for only $125 per year if you are a full time advertiser.


For more information, email us at or call (617) 254-5501.


We reserve the right to refuse any advertisement for any reason. No advertisements in violation of the law will be accepted.