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Our 12th wedding anniversary is coming up in March of this year. I have been racking my brain trying to come up with some good ideas for wedding anniversary gifts that would be suitable for my husband. The best idea I've come up with so far is a Global Positioning System. This is something he mentioned a while ago and I figure it would be a good start to the wedding anniversary gifts that I will buy for him.

Some other wedding anniversary gifts ideas that I may also purchase (though some may be saved for next year) include a portable car battery recharger, titanium rings, an IPOD, a portable DVD player and a combination brad nailer/stapler. I prefer to buy personal items when I'm shopping for wedding anniversary gifts for my husband, however, he is extremely particular and I know it's usually safer to buy him a practical item, if I want to be assured that he will like it.In the past, some of the wedding anniversary gifts that I have bought him included a combination mP3 player/digital camera. I have also bought him jewelry, clothing, a sony digital camera, a home gym and many more wedding anniversary gifts. He has bought several items for me as well. My wedding anniversary gifts have included a leather vest, jewelry, clothing, books, gift certificates and many more items.Last year, our wedding anniversary gifts from our family included a huge gift basket with wine, chocolates and candles, as well as, two nights accommodations at a local theme suite hotel.

The first night was spent in the Rome room and the second night was in the Japan suite. The hotel was beautiful and it was very nice to get away from the responsibilities of life for a little while. This was one of the nicest wedding anniversary gifts we've ever received.

We usually make a big deal about our parents wedding anniversaries. Even though we live a great distance from home, we still make a point to purchase and send wedding anniversary gifts. Last year we made reservations for dinner at a lovely restaurant and paid in advance for a nice evening out for my parents. In the past wedding anniversary gifts that we have purchased for them included a new television, a new VCR, new dishes, wine glasses and many other wedding anniversary gifts. We celebrated the 10th wedding anniversary of my husband's sister and her husband quite recently. The entire family got together and took them out for a wonderful dinner where they also received and open a whole pile of wedding anniversary gifts. It's nice to get together as a family for this type of occasion.


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