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Anniversary Gifts

Anniversary gifts as we all know are received on special occasions. Anniversary gifts can be thought of as a means to celebrate a wedding anniversary, a relationship anniversary, a home bought anniversary, a child?s birth anniversary, etc. Whatever the occasion is, you can buy these anniversary gifts in traditional or modern sense or you can also buy them ranging in special price range. We will take a look into these traditional as well as modern anniversary gifts. Anniversaries are the way we celebrate our love for each other and to mark the passing years we are together. Anniversarygifts represent how we feel and when gifts are chosen with care it often inspires us. Giving anniversary gifts to people you love and care about shows them great appreciation for who they are.



Each gift anniversary has an association with paper, cotton, leather, crystal, china or ivory, to name a few anniversary ideas. The modern era has with its coming bought us some interesting new expressions as gifts for anniversary milestones. Some of these new gifts include categories like time pieces, china, glass and in some cases appliances. We also find the emergence of precious gems such as pearl, coral, ruby, sapphire, emeralds and diamonds are also traditionally within the milestone anniversary celebrations and make a great gifts.

Traditional Gifts:

If taken as a whole, there are only eight traditional anniversary gifts available today. Successful traditional anniversarygifts should be romantic, long lasting and thoughtful. There are only eight truly traditional anniversary gifts. They are paper, wood, tin, crystal, china, silver, gold and diamond.

• Traditional anniversary gifts for a first anniversary could be anything from a framed photo of you or the two of you together, to plane tickets or a gift certificate to his/her favorite store.

• For a fifth anniversary, which traditionally it is wood, you could take a hike in the woods together or plant a tree in your yard.

• For a tenth, make some homemade cookies to present in a tin or wrap any gift in tin foil.

• A 15th anniversary gift might be crystal glasses filled with champagne or wine or a Billy Crystal movie. A gift of

crystal can run the gamut from crystal balls to sculptures to glassware. A bottle of champagne, accompanied by a crystal flute set, makes a lovely presentation. Something as simple as a window crystal can be a daily reminder of celebration as it spreads a spectrum of color throughout a room. A crystal vase filled with special flowers, or a crystal sculpture reflective of a favorite animal or theme, is a lasting treasure and reminder of everlasting vows.

• For 20th traditional anniversary gifts you might try cooking a homemade dinner on your best china or buying new china!

• A 25th anniversary, which is 'silver', a new watch, tie clip or a framed photo of you or both of you.

• For a golden anniversary, a CD collection of your favorite golden oldies may be a good idea or for something a little more extravagant, gold watch.

• Finally, for a diamond anniversary, 60th what other than diamond jewelry or Neil Diamond.

Some of the items related to traditional Gifts:

1st: paper, clocks, plastic, gold jewelry

2nd: cotton, china, calico, garnet

3rd: leather, crystal, glass, pearls

4th: fruit, flowers, electrical appliances, linen, silk, nylon, blue topaz

5th: wood, silverware, sapphires

6th: sugar, wood, iron, candy, amethysts

7th: copper, wool, brass, desk sets, onyx

8th: pottery, bronze, appliances, linens, lace, tourmaline jewelry

9th: willow, pottery, leather, lapis jewelry

10th: aluminum, tin, diamond jewelry

11th: fashion or turquoise jewelry, steel

12th: pearls, jade, colored gems, silk, linen

13th: textiles, furs, citrine, lace

14th: ivory, opal, gold jewelry

15th: crystal, glass, watches, ruby

16th: silver hollowware, peridot

17th: furniture, watch.

18th: cat's eye jewelry, porcelain

19th: bronze, aquamarine

20th: platinum, emeralds, china

21st: nickel, brass

22nd: copper23rd: silver plate

24th: musical instruments

25th: silver, sterling silver

Modern Gifts

For modern gifts, you can select from the following ideas:

• As a first anniversary gift, clocks of any kind such as grandfather clocks, wristwatches, bedside alarms or cuckoo clocks.

• Examples of gifts for fifth anniversary include: silverware. You can give silver plates, silver jewelry, silver kitchenware, and silver decorative and so on.

• Examples of gifts for a tenth anniversary celebration are diamond jewelry modern. Quite a difference in value, as you can see.

• Examples of gifts for a fifteenth anniversary include: watches. You can give modern watches such as ones showing the date, place, and time as well as depicting the areas and so on. There is a range of brands available for these watches. You can choose from the internationals as well as some local watches to present to your loved ones. The ticking of time is a bridge between the years that have passed and the promise of the years to come. His and Hers watches, engraved with the wedding date, are a thoughtful and dramatic gift for any couple. Silver pocket watches and heart shaped clock lockets are elegant variations on this theme. A nice way to join both the traditional and contemporary symbols would be a crystal clock.

• Examples of gifts for twentieth anniversary include: platinum. You can give platinum jewelry, platinum dishes, platinum articles and so on.

• Examples of gifts for twenty-fifth anniversary include: sterling silver. You can gift a silver ware, a photo frame or

silver utensils, and so on. Sterling silver platters, goblets, doorknockers, picture frames or photo albums are often engraved with the couple's anniversary date and given as gifts.

• Examples of gifts for a golden anniversary include: anything made of gold.

If you want a complete list of what to present on various anniversaries, here is a list for you.

The good news is, as the years wear on, traditional and modern gift choices become the same. Anniversaries are the way we celebrate our love for each other and to mark the passing years we are together. An anniversary gift represents how we feel and when traditional gifts are chosen with care it sometimes helps to inspire us. Giving an anniversary gift to someone you love and care about shows them great appreciation for who they are.