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When my grandmother died, she left me her antique amethyst bracelet. This antique bracelet, it turned out, had about as many stories as she had. Her amethyst bracelet had been in the family for generations, as many antique bracelets are, an heirloom viewed as beyond all value, and saved for posterity. The antique bracelet went back to the old world, to her mother's upbringing in the area now known as the Czech Republic. Back then, the antique bracelet was the only thing of value that her family had. Her journal spoke of a beautiful amethyst bracelet, which her mother used to only wear on her wrist when inside the house, for fear of loosing it or having it stolen anywhere else.

My grandmother's earliest memory is of watching the sun flash off the antique bracelet, as her mother rocked her in the old creaking rocking chair; in that small village 3 days walk from Prague. Of course, that amethyst bracelet went back even farther than that. The antique bracelet went back all the way to the marriage of my great grandmother. Although the family had since fallen on hard times, they had once been very wealthy, and the antique bracelet had been given as a wedding gift to my ancestor by a noble duke.

She had actually once controlled half of a rich, fertile region, and rode proudly on a horse, surveying all she possessed, the antique bracelet only one of countless jewels decorating her slender, beautiful wrists.

It seems that the antique bracelet was then lost for a while. Family records speak of a fight with a neighboring noble family. Apparently it was pretty bad, because there is a long and elaborate record of the dead. From what we can tell, at one point their manor was burned down, and the antique bracelet lost along with almost all of their possessions. One of my ancestors became passionate with the amethyst bracelet, and spent days and days digging around the ruins looking for it, until the beautiful antique bracelet was hers again. This was extremely dangerous, as the family itself was wanted by the other family to be put to death (they had apparently lost the battle) and spent so long in hiding, that they eventually became peasants just like almost everyone else back then, but the beautiful amethyst bracelet remained with the family as a token of those ancient memories.


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