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Looking for something special to make a child smile this holiday season From irresistible books and great gift sets to Harry Potter and more, you can give something to satisfy every kind of kid. Gifts have been delighting kids across the country with our unique selection of toys. You'll find a great selection of developmental toys for infants and toddlers, arts and crafts for girls, the coolest spy stuff for boys, let's pretend favorites, and much more! Stores all over world are filled with the latest items sure to excite kids from all ages

Gifts for the kids, sometimes it's hard to find something for everyone. Our favorite solution A gift that the whole family can enjoy together. A family Baby Gift Basket should be something that brings them together, something that the oldest to the youngest can enjoy. We've collected some of our favorite gifts Basket for family fun, find one that suits the unique brood that you're shopping for maybe an individual, unique and timeless works of art.

For the little gentleman Mahogany, ash, oak or dapple horses emerge from shops resplendent with real horsehair, hand washed and carefully groomed to achieve that unmistakable sheen, adjustable hand stitched leather work and nickel-plated stirrups.

Squeaky Shoes are fun for boys and girls, and great motivators for beginning walkers. Squeaky shoes make a squeaking noise with every step the child takes. They are also a great way for parents to have assistance in tracking the child when they are on the go.

Made from two layers of fleece, you can gift stadium blankets which are perfect for sporting events on a cold day, or just to add an extra layer on the bed.

Bath time is even more fun with a special towel to wrap up in afterwards. These wonderful hooded towels are not the generic designs that are mass marketed but are exclusive and are designed exclusively for Angel Covers. They make a great baby gift too!

Let the whole world know that your child will always be in your heart with one of our "A Home Forever" sweatshirts. You make these shirts extra special with your child's footprints.

Superb quality aprons crafted for the many cooks in the family. These aprons come in both adult and kid sizes. They are great for spending quality time with your child in the kitchen.

Car rides are even more enjoyable with a friend along. Now you can get soft cuddly friends strap on to the seatbelt and ride with your child. There are two adorable pals to choose from for your child.

Hand painted porcelain heads and individually crafted dresses in materials that are carefully selected, make these angels a beautiful representation of countries around the world. They will grace your table, shelf or treetop with their angelic beauty.

Life is a gift- a glorious gift given to us by the almighty. But the one to be used, not an ornament to be put on the high shelf, in case it gets cracked.

An old-fashioned pull toy! This wooden train features 30 blocks with numbers and the alphabet, plus a clock on the front!

Preschool Theme Wooden Educational Toy Reading', writing', and 'arithmetic are all the subjects of the day! Sturdy wood construction. Extra features include an abacus and a clock with moveable hands. A nostalgic gift for preschool kids ages 3 and up.

Noah's Ark with Animals Bookends Noah's ark with lovable animals on this fanciful set of brightly painted bookends. A nice decorative gift bag for a child's room.

Monkey Riding Baby Elephant Bookends Pair Exotic bookends, reminiscent of Colonial India, each feature

a monkey riding atop a baby elephant against an architectural backdrop. Resin with green patina antique finish.

African Animals Safari Chess Set

Plan a "wild" strategy with this safari-inspired chess set featuring animals from the African veldt. An unusual gift idea for teens. Chess board measures.

Glass 3-in-1 Game Set: Chess, Checkers, Backgammon

An appropriate gift bags for older children! This sophisticated, 3-in-1 chess / checkers / backgammon set features two boards, 32 chessmen and counters -- all crafted entirely in glass.

Plush African Animals Faux Fur Pens Desk Set A "wild" gift idea for children! Here's an unusual combination ... a plush animal and a pen all rolled into one! Set includes 6 wild animal designs and leopard print pen holder.

King Arthur's Magical Sword with Stand In the style of King Arthur's sword-in-the-stone, this fine piece offers a textured handle and its own, fitted plastic display stand.

Embossed Train Design Railroad Pocket Watch Your son or grandson will love this old-fashioned "railroad" style pocket watch with an embossed gold train. Quartz movement. Matching fob chain.

Dolphin Lamp - Frosted Sculpture with Colored Lights A really unusual gift for a child's room! This sculpture features two frosted dolphins on clear waves. The light inside gradually changes hue, creating a beautiful display of color and illumination.

Wooden Model Stage Coach Replica This fun western-style wooden model stagecoach looks ready for a team of stallions and a trip across the Wild West - but it's more appropriate for a boy's room.

Fairy Sitting on Lily Flower Sculpture A feminine gift idea for girls! An addition to the La Veronoa collection, this sunny fairy sits atop pink and white lilies. She has clear wings with glitter and a darling upturned nose.

Unique Unicorn - Lightly Tinted Frosted Sculpture A light tint of color on the mane and tail adds a dramatic aspect to this stately frosted unicorn statue. A pretty gift for a girl, this decorative unicorn measures.

Cherub & Floral Motif Doll-Sized Tea Set Little ones and their dolls can enjoy teatime anytime with this 10-piece set featuring pink roses and cherubs.

January Birthstone Unicorn with Simulated Garnet Celebrate someone special on their birthday with this fine unicorn figurine, accompanied by a simulated birthstone! January

features a red faux garnet.

You can gift any thing to the child. Children are such innocents that they will enjoy any gift you give them be it for fifty cents or for 50 dollars.

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