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You know the feeling of a new little Bundle of Joy sleeping on you the sweet smell of baby's head as you hold them, and the feeling in your heart for that wonderful miracle, even if it wasn't your own.

You only wish for the finest to commemorate the arrival of that special baby.

A home-produced baby gift basket is an ultimate gift for a newborn, baby shower, christening, or baptism gift. Furthermore, it's so much fun to go shopping for little baby gifts and to put this gift together.

Gift Baskets

Bath theme gift basket can be made using a baby bathtub as the container; for a girl buy a pink tub with matching accessories and for a boy make it blue with matching accessories fill the tub with baby towels, soap, washcloths, shampoo, and a rubber ducky. To the homemade baby gift basket exclusive baby gifts can be added to make them complete. Give the gift basket impression of being of spilling over by filling in any empty spaces with small gift or decorative items. You can even throw in a few packets of biscuits candy's for the new Mom & Dad for them to enjoy at leisure.

A different and unique idea is a small wicker laundry basket, it can be used as container for a homemade baby gift can be used as a hamper by the mother. Pack it with receiving blankets, baby soaps, baby powder, oils, lotions, booties a few bibs just small tit bits which can be used daily by the new born mother. A packet of disposal diaper is must for any mother, you can't get enough of them.

Baby bags made of tote can also be used to pack Baby things. Put a packet of diapers in the bottom and place your gifts so they show out the top of the tote bag. Always try to choose the trusted brand names as you cannot take chance with new babies as they are very sensitive.

Toy wagons and wheelbarrows are delightful containers for boys and good toy for when they grow up moreover they are easy to work with. For girls there can be little houses in which you can fill things up.

Fillers for Baby Basket

The numerous things you can place in the basket is baby pillow, receiving blankets, crib sheets stretchies, baby bottles, onesies, bibs, baby aspirin, baby thermometer, burp cloths, cloths, baby wipes, booties, baby socks, baby hats, diapers, , bottle brush, baby nail clipper, baby powder, baby wash, baby lotion, hooded bath towel, baby oil , baby shampoo, baby soap, rubber ducky, sip cup, baby spoons, pacifier, rattles, plush animal, soft baby book, teething toys, picture frame, baby photo album, silver cup, night light, satin hangers, hair brush, baby books, Baby Mozart Video, DVD, or CD, subscription to Baby Magazine, A Baby Story: customizable digital baby book A nice touch is to add something for the new mommy such as scented candles, bath crystals, a box of chocolates, or bottle of wine. If you have an artistic streak there are many handmade goods which you can make. It will be within your budget and also a blanket or a knitted baby cardigan set with booties, caps and muffins.

Collecting a Gift Basket

Collecting and making the Baby Gift Basket can be a lot of fun. You can make a trip to a variety of stores and look for bargains. When you know the time of baby arrival you can plan accordingly at your leisure. The procedure of gift basket assembly can begin with by stuffing the bottom of the container with

enough filler which can be foam or crumbled paper so that the gifts will be in evidence above the basket or container. The subsequent step in the gift basket gathering process is to display the gifts in the container, for that it's easier to pattern the basket with a front and back instead of an all-around design. If the basket has a handle then tie tall stuff to the handle with a cord or ribbon. You can use double glue tape to bind the gifts in place; attach gifts together with the tape. The subsequent step of the gift basket assembly procedure is to add small spray of shred or thin strips of tissue paper to fill in the empty spaces. Shred enhances the decorative touch to the overall presentation. While using shreds you can pull it apart, make small bunches, and place it between the gifts. Include a bow and/or curly ribbon to the handle or to the tallest gift item. The finished basket can be swathed in cello paper or placed in a cello bag, whatever is available easily to you. At this time do the finishing for this you have to fold and tape excess or loose cello near the bottom of the container gather the surplus cello at the topmost can be used with a colored ribbon to hold the cello in place even out excess cello at the top by cutting with scissors finish with lots of curly ribbon that hangs down over the front of the gift. The scheme of wrapping the gift in cello is to keeps the gift dirt free, makes it easier to transport, and makes a lovely presentation. A substitute to wrapping in cello is tulle or lattice which can be bought at fabric stores and some craft stores, buy an adequate amount of tulle so as to draw together it above the basket and tie it with a bow or curly ribbon.

The main items needed for the basket are listed below, these are the basic things you can add to it as you go on making it.

basket or other container

filler product to fill the bottom of the basket generally foam or crumpled paper is used.

decorative filler

purchased shred

tissue paper cut in thin strips or shredded

moss for a garden theme basket

left over grass from Easter in a color that coordinates with the container

gifts and/or food items

double stick tape: helps in gift basket assembly ribbon

and/or a bow

decorative item to add to ribbon (optional) ... such as:

baby rattle for a baby gift basket

silk flowers or greenery for gift baskets for women

barrettes or hair bows for baby girl's gift basket

cinnamon sticks for dessert or cappuccino for new Mom and Dad

cello bag, cello wrap, or other gift wrapping paper

The sky is the limit if you want to do anything, so be a little artistic give the joy of homemade basket the new arrival.


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