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Recently, my wife and I had gone to visit a couple with whom we were regular bridge players. They had recently had a baby and our weekly bridge sessions had gone on a hiatus. Now, almost four months later, we were re-starting the session. Having tucked her baby to sleep, the mother came to the bridge table to join in the game with gusto. We were enjoying ourselves thoroughly when suddenly there was a high pitched noise of a child wailing. I was utterly startled.

Even as the mother rushed upstairs to check on her baby, I was left wondering if it was just me, or had we hear the baby wailing crystal clear from a considerable distance on a different level of the house Seeing my startled and mystified expression, the husband broke into laughter and explained that it was the remarkable effect of the new contraption they had gotten to monitor their baby. It was what was known as a baby monitor. Now, I too have a child. But the baby monitor we use is called a maid.

And she is a very efficient one at that! But seriously, the only kind of baby monitor I had heard about or seen was the one in the infants ward of maternity hospitals. And even there, the monitor was only used to monitor the vital signs o f the babies who are sick. Was there something I was missing, or perhaps, unable to see The baby monitor, according to him, was an indispensable two way radio that was commonly used to monitor infants. Many parents

have faced the problem of going about their household chores as the baby lies in another room, seemingly asleep. But they have often discovered that theres a constant tussle between managing e baby and managing the chores. Choosing the chores over the baby leaves them feeling like they arent there when needed whether for a nappy change, feeding time or just to pat the baby to sleep. And the problem remained till some innovative soul came up with a simple and effective baby monitor. A typical baby monitor is a two part gadget.

One part is the transmitter, which should be kept near the crib of the baby and the other part is a receiver that is carried around. This way, no matter where in the house you are, if your baby makes a noise, the baby monitor will let you know. Sounds simple right One wonders why nobody ever thought of it earlier. But it does get better. Newer version of baby monitors come with multiple receivers that can connect wirelessly with your existing sound system to keep you posted. And some of the technologically advanced baby monitors also come with an in-built camera for you to not just hear your baby, but to see it too. So even if it is moving around and not making a sound, you can still rush to comfort it. Some invention this! I resolved then and there that although my first born was not monitored constantly, I would ensure that my next child would have the facility of growing up with a baby monitor.


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