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Gifts for Baby Shower

Showering the Mom and sometimes the Dad with friendship and love is the purpose of a baby shower. They are probably the best baby function to attend. These functions are usually full of love and fun and you get to look at some of the cute baby gifts like clothes, toys, walkers, etc. If you are planning to go on a baby shower then you must also think about the gift you plan to give to the baby on this function of his. You should try to put your great ideas on work on because it is the first function of a baby's life and you should try to make him happy and a remembrance for the entire life.

You should try to pick up gifts keeping in mind the sex of the baby, proper age of the baby, the mother's interests and gifts you think you will enjoy to receive if you were a baby or a baby's mother. Here are a couple of ideas for quick and easy gifts for mom and baby, regardless of the sex of the baby or the theme of the shower.

Some of the Great Baby Shower Gift Ideas

1. Gift Basket: You can make a gift basket and fill things in side it. You can choose a large hollow item and fill different things with it. In addition, instead of a basket, you can also use a bathtub, diaper pail, bathroom bucket or a caddy. These can prove to be great items for holding baby bath items. You can fill these buckets with the items such as: soap, Lotion, towels, rubber duck (with or without thermometer), washcloths, brush and comb. You can

also prefer to fill these buckets with the health and safety items such as: thermometer, first aid kit, electrical plug covers, finger nail clippers, emergency aid cards, child proofing book, door locks, diaper cream, infant fever reducer. Alongside with the other gifts you can also include gift ideas such as: diapers, rattles, onsies, toys, baby books, nursing pads, bottles, bibs, etc. These items also do not require too much to spend on. Most of these gifts can be bought by spending a few rupees. These items also can be bought from any gift shop also. You can also use a nice party bag instead of a bucket or a hollow tub. You can individually gift wrap the items or can wrap it together.

2. Diaper Cake: You can also go in for diaper cakes if you are a little more talented. You can make nice looking

cakes made of diapers and toys. Items you will need:

• Diapers (large pack of disposables or 12 cloth)

• Cardboard (Some choose to use a bottle of infant laundry soap.)

• Small gifts (rattles, toys, teethers, brush, etc.)

• Clear Tape or Rubber Bands

• Ribbons

• Cake "Topper" (Usually a small stuffed animal, can be left off.)

Directions to make these cakes:

• Use the cardboard or laundry soap as a base

• Wrap diapers around it to form a bottom cake layer.

• Secure the diapers with tape or rubber bands.

• Start a second layer making it smaller than the first. You can do as many layers as you would like, I've only done two, but I have seen three done.

• Take your smaller items and tie them up with ribbon

• Tuck them into the layers of the diaper folds, making them appear as if they are a part of the cake.

• Secure a small stuffed animal on top of the cake as a topper.

This makes a great gift as well as a centerpiece for a shower. It was a lot of fun to do, but it took two people to make it look right.

3. Personalized Gifts: Giving personalized gifts can be great idea. It cannot only prove to be fruitful not for recent times but also for the year to come. Although there is only one drawback in giving this gift, you do not know the baby's name or age at the time of buying the gift. One way out would be giving a gift certificate that can be useful for the years to come. That way, once the baby is born, the parents can take the item in to be engraved without it costing them a thing. Some traditional choices of gift buying include: a baby cup, jewelry, a picture frame or a cutlery set. There are many other items, though, that can be personalized that you may not have even thought of. Another option would be to buy a babyshower blanket with the name of the baby's birth date and name written on it. In case of jewelry you can also buy a matching jewelry for the mother-would be. A bracelet for mom with baby's name on it will let her have her precious one near her all the time. You can also think of weaving a sweater for the newborn to be. Handmade gifts are much more precious and are treasured over the years.

4. Group Gifts: You can also buy items that can be a bit pricey. You can also pull in with your friends and relatives to buy expensive gifts. Some of the shower baby gift ideas could be:

• Gifts such as a stroller, crib, and rocking chair for the nursery, bassinet and changing table

• Gifts such as a beautiful bassinet and asking each attendee of the baby party to contribute to

something to fill the basket

• Smaller gifts, such as baby monitors are great to include in showerbaby gift baskets

• Practical gift such as electric breast pump

• Gift such as Medela portable pump

• Gifts such as shoulder bag including three cooling elements and insulated compartments for storing milk

• Practical gifts such as housecleaning services. Look into buying a few months' worth so the new mom can spend more time focusing on the new baby.

5. Picture Frame: A picture frame is always a welcome gift,

especially since parents will be snapping photos nonstop for some time to come.

You can gift the gift to the mother-would be or can also ask for the home delivery of the gift. Sometimes parents do not really need a shower. They have already been to the baby store and stocked up on everything imaginable. However, you still want to honor the new little one. When thinking of baby shower gifts think of useful, not cutesy. This way you can honor the mother as well as the new would be born baby.


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