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A balloon is a flexible bag that can be filled with air or gas. You can use these balloons for decorations and other specific purposes. Initially, these balloons were made of dried animal bladders. However, here we are talking about gift balloons and we shall talk firstly about party balloons. You can use the party balloongifts for decorations and other purposes. Party balloons are made of latex that is tapped from rubber trees. You can fill these types of balloons with air, helium, gas, water, and other liquid or gas. Since these are made of rubber, they can be adjusted and blown up to a specific size and volume. You can fill air inside them with the help of mouth or a pump.

Here is a list of some of the balloons that you can gift to your loved ones:

1. Water balloons: Water balloons are usually used for specific purposes especially in India they are used on a festival called as Holi. You can throw these water balloons on each other and can play with these balloonsgifts. These balloons are thin, small rubber balloons intended to be easily broken. Children, who throw them at each other, trying to get each other wet, usually use them.

2. Rubber Balloons: Rubber balloons are filled with air so that they float. However, a string or a ribbon can restrain them. They can sustain their shape for a few hours. This is because the enclosed air or the helium vanishes from the small pores in the rubber. These types of balloons are made with special gel coated inside the balloon to prevent the helium leakage from inside them. Thus, they somehow increase the float time. These latex rubber balloons are completely biodegradable but are not completely safe for the environment. If swallowed by the wetland animal in the confusion of food, can prove to be disastrous for them. Therefore, you should be careful in buying and using them. You can also fill rubber balloons with water and can burst when thrown on a solid object. Liquid-filled balloons are commonly referred to as water balloons or "water bombs and used in playful fights, and sometimes vandalism.

3. Helium Balloons: Then in 1990s the long lasting helium gift balloons were made.

These balloons though were long lasting but also were quite expensive. They were made of of thin, unstretchable, impermeable metallized nylon films. As compared to other types of giftballoons, these balloons are more shinear and can be printed with colored pictures and patterns. These are also light weight and are able to keep the helium gas inside for several weeks. However, as the other types of balloons these are also hazardous to the environment.

4. Foil Balloons: Some balloons are also made of plastic. These balloons are called the foil balloons. These balloons are not stretchy like rubber balloons. Thus, detailed and colorful pictures can be easily painted onto them. A special metallic coating is pasted onto them that give them a shiny image. However, there have been instances of these balloons causing short circuits when caught in overhead power lines.

5. Animal Balloons: Animal balloons are balloons that are tied and twisted together to give a shape of an animal. The most commonly animal shape is the dog balloon also referred to as the poodle. These balloons are used for balloon sculptures and are made of extra stretchy rubber. Thus, they can be tied and twisted without bursting. A pump is usually required to inflate these kinds of balloons. You can give an animal balloon gift to your loved ones. The art of making these balloons is quite simple. Let us take a look at how you can make an animal balloon.

The Art of Making Animal Balloons:

The Equipments Needed:

For the equipments needed to produce such balloons are the: bag of long balloons, in various colors. The length of these long balloons varies from 260: 2 for the width of the balloon and 60 for the length of the balloon after it is completely inflated. Secondly, you require something that could inflate these balloons. You can use manual air pumps similar to bicycle pumps, electric air compressors, and manual inflation by mouth.

The Process of Making the Animal Balloon:


1. The first thing that you need to do when making an animal balloon is to leave some space uninflated. This space can be used later on for making the animal tail. Leaving this special space is important because this space gives air someplace to go when later manipulating the balloon. It also prevents the balloon from popping.

2. The second step is to create a twist. You twist a balloon to actually split the balloon into sections. The first twists should be created toward the head of the balloons and last toward the tail of the balloons.

3. The third step is to create a lock. For creating a lock, the first step required is to twist a balloon. Then the second twist is made a few inches from the first twist. Next, a third twist is made a few inches as the first twist was made from the second twist. Then, the balloon section between the second and third section is bent back until it is flat. Finally, the third twist and the first twist are pushed together. This locks the balloons. You can create legs, a head, a body, and a tail, resulting in a balloon poodle. Some of the common animal balloons include: poodle, sword, hat, and turtle bracelet.

The Shapes of the Balloons: Most of the balloons come in simple shapes such as oval like shapes. Other balloons are longer and more cylindrical. You can use long balloons to be twisted and bent into simple shapes that can hold their shapes for a longer time. You can use these balloons for decorations, advertising space. They are also used for demonstrations the classrooms. Balloons are usually purchased in deflated form. You can also buy these balloons in inflated form for your parties.


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