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Birth Announcements for Twins



Birth Announcements for Twins
What a special occasion, the birth of twins! You want your birth announcements for twins to be unique keepsakes; after all, you have twice as much to share with everyone! To get some unique ideas for birth announcements for twins, check out for creative ideas and designs for girls, boys, identical, fraternal, and opposite sex twins. The possibilities are endless, and it just depends on your own personal tastes and what all you want to include in your birth announcements for twins. Photos add an extra special touch and really get the ‘aahhhs’ going.

You can add a selection of photos and include a small copy of an ultrasound in addition to the essential babies’ first portrait. This is a great idea to include photos in your birth announcements for twins and many online sites have custom services available also to ensure that you will get just what you want. A site that you should check out if you haven’t already is There is discussion about twins in general, conception, genetic factors, and other technical information, but it also offers areas of support for parents of twins.

If you thought one baby could be a handful, think of doubling that! They also feature a list of top ten sites that birth announcements for twins and have other cute ideas too. The ‘two peas in a pod’ theme seems to be very popular, as well as birth announcements for twins containing the babies’ footprints, both with a variety of witty inscriptions. Another good site with lots of cute gift ideas is They have customized and/or personalized birth announcements for twins, stationery, cards, shower invitations, thank you cards, and other unique heirloom items. You can pick most any color or texture of paper, and add any decoration you want to your announcements for twins.

These sites offer lots of unique ideas and can help you can’t find what you’re looking for. Another cute

idea for birth announcements for twins of the opposite text is personalized ‘Hershey’s’ bars. You can also choose a different type of candy and have almost anything you want printed on it, like lollipops, roll candy, gum, and candy cigars. These are all popular items to announce the birth of your babies, and you can have almost any thing you want printed on them, including digital photos. Whatever birth announcements for twins you decide to choose, they will tell everyone in a very special way that you have not one new addition to your home, but two! A very special occasion like this deserves celebration and what better way to give the specifics than customized birth announcements for twins!


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