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It can be difficult to think of original gift ideas. We have the perfect answer for you. A hand delivered butterfly gift is bound to be a fantastic surprise for its recipient - and will make their special day - one to remember for years to come.

Welcome to Butterfly World! There are many butterfly displays which allow you to preserve nature's beautiful art while helping to save the rainforest & butterfly species. An airtight acrylic framed real butterfly or moth display makes the perfect gift for that special someone. Many different

butterfly displays are available, you can even custom build your own display using real exotic butterflies of your choice! You can get butterfly jewelry made from real tropical butterflies and beautiful stained glass butterfly garden stakes. Another good but inexpensive ides is a butterfly CD featuring high quality butterfly photos that make great desktop wallpapers or printouts to decorate your home with huge, life-like butterflies

Then again you can get colorful butterfly sachets, they are this season's hottest new butterflygifts. A traditional symbol of beauty and transformation, a gift butterfly is adored by all. These exquisite little sachets make wonderful favors to celebrate your beautiful new beginning. A great complement to a spring or garden event. They are hand-crafted with care by Martin & Barnett of San Francisco. Each sachet is made from dupioni silk and individually boxed in an elegant designer gift box. Available in autumn brights.

Graceful, realistic moving butterflies make memorable gifts for special "hard-to-buy-for" business associates, family, and friends. When added to mirrors, table fountains or floral arrangements they create an extra special presentation, especially as a unique bridal decoration, birthday gift, thank you gift and for just about any holiday.

You can get everything from Butterfly Art and Nature Jewelry to giftbutterfly Feeders and Bird Houses - all perfect as a Butterfly Gift or Nature Gift!. Many of the unique, handcrafted butterfly items display Real Butterflies for best visibility of their striking natural colors and shapes. The butterflies are raised in "butterfly farms" which help to preserve valuable rainforest habitat by providing villagers an alternate income other than clearing virgin tropical rainforest.

A wide choice of lovely Butterfly Houses keep birds out while giving butterflies protection from the wind and weather. Place the butterfly house in your garden, and when it gets cool at night the butterflies seek shelter and may use your house. Each hanging Butterfly House is individually hand-painted and has a door for cleaning and for placing long twigs inside to give butterflies a nice resting spot.

Life-like electronic moving butterflies! Wow! Graceful, realistic moving butterflies make memorable gifts for special

"hard-to-buy-for" business associates, family, and friends. They are completely silent providing a visually calming mood in your home and work atmosphere.

You can purchase live butterflies for release at special events in your life - like weddings! When you release butterflies on a special occasion, people associate the lovely butterflies with the significant event in their lives. This appreciation for butterflies may even initiate the interest of your guests in butterfly gardening, helping in efforts to preserve butterfly habitats, and potentially spark a new interest in and appreciation of butterflies.

Butterfly feeders attract and feed numerous types of butterflies. They are easy to fill and clean, hold 6 ounces of nectar, have accommodations for fruit, and can be hung or post mounted. Butterfly feeders are more effective in a shady section of your garden. Includes butterfly nectar.

Our high quality cotton butterfly shirts are available in adult sizes Medium, Large, and Extra-Large. Most are printed on the front and back! An excellent gift for the butterfly and nature lover!

Your house will envy of your neighborhood with one of the hand painted butterfly mailboxes! You can get local artists from your neighborhood hand paints each decorative mailbox with unique butterfly flower design.

How to wrap gifts with Paper butterfly

Select paper with purple frame from the paper. Using scalloped scissors, cut the frame to fit the front of the bag. Using scallop scissors, trim the strip from the printed paper to fit the top of the bag. Cut a butterfly from the center of another sheet of paper. Run the frame and paper strip to apply adhesive. Run the craft foam to apply adhesive. Remove the plastic mask layer, turn the craft foam over, then run it again to apply adhesive to the other side. Apply the frame and strip to the front of the bag. Tie a green ribbon bow around the bag handle. Gently fold the wings of the butterfly upwards from the body to give it dimension. Cut the craft foam into a 1/2-inch strip, then apply it to the back of the butterfly. Stick the butterfly on top of the bow.

How to gift a unique gift to your child!

Want to give something different to your child Is your child a nature lover Teach him the basic cycle of life.

Try this Butterfly Experiment ? it?s easy and makes a perfect kid science project.

The Question: Does cold or warm temperatures affect how a caterpillar grows

The Experiment:

1. Record the date your caterpillars arrive.

2. Place 3 cups with caterpillars and food in them in a warm area of the room, like a high shelf.

3. Place 3 other cups with caterpillars and food in them in a cooler place in the room, like near the floor.

4. Measure the temperatures at each location daily and record them. There should be 2 to 3 degrees in difference between the 2 spots for best results.

5. Record the date the caterpillars in each area becomes a chrysalis.

Did the caterpillars grow at the same rate in both places Which place did they grow fastest Why would a caterpillar grow best at this temperature

The Facts: A caterpillar's growth is related to the environment temperature. Insects like caterpillars are cold-blooded, so their body is the same temperature as the environment. Because of this they are more active during warmer times of

the year. Since the plants caterpillars use for food also grow during the warmer times of the year, warm temperatures are also best for the caterpillar. If the caterpillars started to grow before the plants did, it would be bad for the caterpillar! If there is a 2 to 3 degree difference in the 2 spots you placed the cups, the cooler caterpillars may be 3 to 8 days behind in growth compared to the warm area ones. You have got real live butterfly which your child looked after.

The basic idea of gift is to give pleasure butterfly is such a thing that it will give each and every person pleasure.


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