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I am not aware of you, but speaking for myself; I never even realized that there could be a profession such as a cake designer! I mean, sure Ive noticed that some of the bakeries have absolutely ravishing cake designs. But Ive always attributed this more to the fact that the baker was a creative soul than that there was someone who did only that design cakes. But a recent encounter with a culinary artist exposed me to the fact.

This culinary artist told me that cake design has been one of the most sought after courses in food design. In fact, cake designs are as old as the cakes themselves. The very first person who is responsible to create a skin of icing on the cake was in effect, the very first cake designer. Ever since, there have been a number of improvements in the field, and not all of them have been widely accepted or used. For instance, although it is possible to have a number of flavors in the icing used in the cake design, the most popular options continue to remain plain vanilla and chocolate. And when it comes to materials used, there have been several options down the ages. But icing sugar continues to be the option of choice

Keeping the health consciousness of aging and fitness obsessed people in mind, one prominent company even tried

to introduce a sugar free icing sugar. Needless to mention, everyone preferred the real thing and passed up the fake ingredients. But more than the ingredients and the trends, it is the skill of the cake designer which determines how good a cake looks. A good cake designer can convert even the plainest of cakes into a brilliant and tantalizing creation. And she or he can do so without using very expensive materials. Just some edible wafers, a whole lot of icing sugar and a good and dependable icing cone will do the trick. But dont under estimate these items. When they come together finally in the hands of a master cake designer, they will turn out better and more appealing than anyone expects them to be. A cake without icing is re-surfacing nowadays, but then, the cakes themselves come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Gone are the days when it was only possible to make round or square cakes. Nowadays, with qualified cake designers on board, if you can dream up the design, they can create it for you.


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