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Good old-fashioned Christmas season brings back memories of home, family and friends. Christmas reminds us of the Christ-child, born in a humble manger, but given reverence to with precious gifts by the wise men from the East.

Bring out the spirit of the Christ-child in the family or friends' home. Give unique gift items this Christmas season - like Catholic gift items that will warm everybody's heart and

bring out bright smiles of hope and peace. These Catholic gift items can represent tokens of life, unity and harmony.

Mary, Madonna and Blessed Virgin Mother, and Jesus there are many items dedicated to Mary, Madonna & Blessed Virgin Mother, & her son, Jesus. There are designs for Roman Catholics, other Christians, and/or, ones to simply remind you about spirituality in some way, including Christmas.

Gifts and Novelty Items - A wide selection of gifts & home decor - originally designed products with family values & inspirational, Christian themes; environment-friendly recycled stationery and in addition to that the Music page contains original compositions which are free to download. Masses, Hymns, Psalms and Instrumental music which can be downloaded and made in CD and gifted.

Pope Benedict XVI catholic merchandise of mugs, shirts, buttons, magnets and assorted catholicgift items of our holy father and also T-shirts, & other clothing available. Gifts, hats, & things for the home.

Catholic Rosaries & Prayer Chaplets these are quality handcrafted Rosaries and Prayer Chaplets at competitive prices, there are 50 different Chaplets which can be gifted. Christian, spiritual as well as religious items devoted to the Blessed Mother.

Then there is - Contemporary Sacred Art, including handmade bookends, shadow boxes, Crèches, Nativity scenes, Rosaries, religious jewelry. Page includes instructions and photos which all are unique items to be gifted.


It is a never ending list of gift which will joy not only to giver but also to the receiver. Apologetics Books,

Audios, etc. i.e., Catholic Conversion Stories, Scott Hahn, Master's framed art, statues, Norman Rockwell, Catholic etc. Bibles includes Catholic Bible Studies, Catholic Missals, Liturgy of the Hours Catholic books, Calendars Catholic Almanac 2006, etc. Catechisms - Books, Audios, Canon Law, Catholicism 101 -Books, To Help You Jumpstart Your Catholic Faith, Church Goods & Supplies - Chalices, Ciborium, Catholic Church History, Crucifixes & Fonts, General Interest Catholic Books, Audios, Gift Ideas -catholic special occasions, Christmas, Jewelry - catholic saints medals, crucifixes, Heavenly watches, rings, rosaries, Home Schooling & Educational Products for Catholic , Missals -Daily Roman & 1962 Latin Rite Missals, Catholic Music Catholic Novels Papacy and Pope John Paul II books, Prayer and meditation books for Catholics. Religious articles like Scapulars Pins, Medals, Crucifixes, Rosaries etc. Saint books which includes Catholic candidates for canonization. Software for Catholic Bibles, Catholic Church Documents, Children, Statues, Videos showing Catholic documentaries, Church teaching, classic movies Young Adult Books for Catholics. Now don't think that these are the only items. It is a just a short list which have tried to prepare to help you choose better.


If something is really beautiful, don't you find yourself enjoying it more The feel of the quality beads will

make your recitations more enjoyable and you get more satisfaction from it. The visual loveliness of the beads will delight your eyes as you chant your rosary prayers. So why not ordering a special rosary of your choice for yourself. Also, through your special rosary, you will be showing the importance you place on your rosary devotion, and inspire others to have the same reverence and respect toward recitation of the rosary. Moreover you will have a sacred object to pass to your family, something that you touched often and had great meaning for you. Perhaps it will be the rosary lead to a wayward great, great relative back mend his/her waus and return to the Lord when he/she inherits it 100 years from now.

There are many specialty shops which let you design your own rosary. First of all choose quality beads & materials like precious gemstones, precious metals & imported glass beads. The joy and happiness which you get when you see your own imagination come into some form - it's beyond words. There are many varieties of rosaries like luminous rosary beads, apparition rosary beads, gemstone rosaries, inexpensive rosary beads.

Of all the Catholic gifts I have researched, Rosary is the one which I have really liked. It gives personal pleasure and when you touch it you feel as if you are as near to GOD as you can be.

There are many online Catholic stores on the internet which carries Holy water, blessed Holy water from Jordan, certified Holy water, water from the grotto of Lourdes. Other religious articles which can be bought and gifted are scapulars, 100% wool scapulars and also scapular medals. You can get Inspirational books, Marian books, prayer books, Saint books, books for children, and a comprehensive assortment of Catholic Bibles, including several complete editions of the New American Bible in Catholic book store section online.


Some Catholic gift store online carries a full line of articles for various Catholic Saints, including Saint Medals, Saint Statues, and Patron Saint rosaries. Many religious items on Savior, Jesus, as well as many forms of Blessed Virgin Mary, as Our Lady of Fatima, Our Lady of Grace, and so on. Gold-filled crucifixes, sterling silver crucifixes, and 14kt-gold crucifixes are other hot selling items. A large selection of angels, many guardian angel statues, and guardian angel items, as well as items on various Archangels, including Archangel Michael is also available online. Roman Catholic saints, catholic prayer, religious jewelry, Catholic religious statues, Crosses, Crucifixes, Figurines, Christening Gifts, Catholic Baby Gifts, Catholic Child Gifts, Catholic Family Gifts are also some of the options available to you for catholic gift.

Not only that for the clergy and churches, church supplies are available online also which include items like Sanctuary Furniture, Altar Appointments, Lecterns, Tabernacles, Traveling Mass Kits, Monstrance, Chalices, Mass Linens, Vestments, Reliquaries, Communion dishes, among other Church supplies. Representations of Faith are easily accessible to you and your families online also, and to make the shopping experience for religion related gift is a pleasurable task. There are sites which provide service and selection that you will remember and return to for all your religious gift needs.


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