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Candy Gifts

Want to give a gift is just pure enjoyable ? CANDY. There is no dearth of ideas for giving candy as gift. No need to rack your brain or to browse through the malls looking for bargains and ideas.

Gift ideas can be difficult to come up with - sometimes, particular people or events just don't seem to lend themselves to a particular kind of present.



Candy gift ideas are some of the best, since almost everyone likes candy. Plus, candy gifts last longer than flowers, and can easily be shared with others. It is a great shopping idea for gifts for all occasions - birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine's Day, Christmas, and many other holidays and personal events.

History of Candy

When did this Candy emerge and from where. Who originated the idea of candy

» The idea of a sweet treat was first made-up by cavemen who ate honey from bee hives.

During ancient times the Egyptians, the Arabs and the Chinese prepared confections of fruit and nuts candied in honey.

In Europe during the Middle Ages, the high cost of sugar made sugar candy a delicacy available only to the wealthy.

Boiled sugar candies were enjoyed in the seventeenth century in England and in the American colonies.

Sweet-making developed rapidly into an industry during the early nineteenth century through the discovery of sugar beet juice and the advance of mechanical appliances. Homemade hard candies, such as peppermints and lemon drops became popular in America during that time.

So it has come to stay and with such sweet results.


Retro Candy - It is a special treat for parents to share the candy they ate as a child with their own children.

They like to pass on the special tradition and reminisce about the penny candy store in their neighborhood where they went as a child. It is a ritual which gives them immense pleasure.

Chocolate Fudge Chocolate is a favorite of people young and old alike. people seek the highest quality chocolate they can find. The best chocolate fudge you can imagine can be got by you! The Chocolate Peanut Butter flavor is the most popular is flavor.

Favorite Chocolate gift boxes, an assortment of old-fashioned candy put the most nostalgic treats in an attractive box and immediately have something that everyone longed for! Those who receive a box of old-fashioned candy as a present just love the childhood memories that it brings back!

There are assortments of gifts filled which are filled with such old favorites as: candy cigarettes, Sugar Daddy, candy lipstick, Pop Rocks, licorice pipe, Razzles, Zotz, wax lips, and rock candy, just to mention a few of the items.

Throwing a party Infuse life into your party with our Wax Lips, Candy Cigars and Candy Lipstick!

As people all over the world are getting health conscious and problems like diabetes. . Who says sugar-free can't be decadent On a rise is a popular item is the Sugar-Free Candy Gift Box. People who love candy, but who can't have sugar, will enjoy this! It's a great gift and is filled with candy bars, Jelly Belly's, root beer barrels, and hard candy. I received a lovely bouquet of sugarless candy which was lovely - a real treat to the eye. Then the taste of candy was so mouthwatering - and could not believe how good it was. It is often better than the regular. Buy a candy bouquet loaded with 4 varieties of Russell Stover's sugar-free chocolates toffee squares, pecan delights, mint patties, and peanut butter cups.

Types of Candy Baskets

One of the delicacies is mouth-watering cream flavored lollies are fast becoming lollipop favorites, and a bag gives you four each of each flavor: Blueberry Cream, Cherry Cream, Cotton Candy, Raspberry Cream, Root Beer Float, and Strawberry Cream. Yum!

Get a joyful candy bouquet stuffed with over 10 different types of traditional snack-size candy bars such as Snickers, Crunch and Reese's Cups, just to name a few. Red and green hard candies, as well as tootsie rolls, sweet tarts, smiley bubble gum and a smiley game finish.

Enjoy candies and cookies in a oversized gift basket. Full size candy bars include Almond Snickers, Reese's Fast Break, Mr. Goodbar and Payday. For the cookie crowd, there are Oreo's, Chips Ahoy, Nutter Butters and Oatmeal Creme Pies to be enjoyed at your leisure.

You can greet the new arrival (and the new parents) with "It's a Boy" chocolate cigars, "New Arrival"

gourmet cocoas, handmade chocolate kiss rosebuds, white chocolate truffles, hand wrapped stems of fruit-filled hard candy, pecan delights will be a delight for all, even you can share and enjoy the gift you have given even and you can even ass "It's a Boy" jelly belly's if it is a boy.

Acquire a candy bouquet that shouts "Congratulations" as candy, party blowers and metallic sprays of stars shoot out of a gift box! Include a full-size Crunch bar wrapped in a Congratulations wrapper, and add plenty of snack-size candy bars give a great gift.

When you've put your foot in it and want to make things right, nothing brings a smile faster than chocolate. Get a candy bouquet that has a full-size chocolate bar behind the custom "Forgive Me" candy wrapper and is filled with chocolate candy of all sizes and flavors.

For the baseball lover of any age, this candy bouquet has a baseball and bat that are both filled with fruit candy baseballs! You can include snack size Skittles, M&M's, Crunch, 3Musketeers, Milky Way, Snickers, 100 Grand, Twix, utterfinger, KitKat, and Baby Ruth.

Want to make up how best to do it When you want to send some love and kisses, a candy bouquet says it all. Get some Solid chocolate hearts and red lips mixed with chocolate candy bar favorites like Skittles, Jelly Belly jelly beans, a full-size Crunch bar and wrap it up behind the red heart candy bar wrapper and see how soon you will be forgiven.

Want to make that person near your heart feel special -

Commemorate the special birthday milestone with lighthearted candy bouquet featuring a mini "Over the Hill" cake accent and a keepsake Decision Spinner gift. The person will feel as young as ever and not at all over the hill.

There's nothing like a box of candy to say "you are really special" - even dieters will make an exception to sample a really high quality candy and forget their resolutions.