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When a woman is asked to be an attendant at a wedding, the first thing that comes to her mind is the bridesmaid dresses. There are many horror stories about ugly gowns floating around and most of them are true. I have seen many awful gowns, especially the ones that were designed in the 1980s. There are still a lot of ugly bridesmaid dresses out there, so beware bridal attendants. I am the maid of honor for a good friends wedding and we recently visited a bridal store in order to try on our gowns. The bride chose a few bridal gowns and she chose a few bridesmaid dresses in advance. One of the wonderful things about looking for formal wear on the Internet is the convenience of choosing the styles that you like ahead of time.

I tried on three of the bridesmaid dresses and I was very impressed with the brides good taste. When she told me that she wanted the bridesmaids to wear pink, strapless gowns, I think that my heart stopped. I imagined a shocking pink, form-fitting dress that would accentuate my every flaw. What I found were three lovely bridesmaid dresses which really compliment any figure. The difficulty lay in choosing only one gown. The bride and I immediately knew which bridesmaid dress looked the most attractive online, but we were pleasantly surprised to find that her secondary choice was far more flattering. I was comfortable and at ease in the bridesmaid dresses, but this one was standing out.

The bridesmaid dresses are pearl pink, and though they are strapless, the bride has opted to add short jackets as

an accessory for those of us who dont like to attend church half-naked. The jacket is clean, just like the quietly pink gown. I think that I will be very happy with the brides choice. This choice was not very difficult for the bride and I was also glad that I only had to try on three bridesmaid dresses. I think that she knew which one I favored and chose that one. I tried to keep my opinion to myself until after she made her choice. It was her decision and I didnt want her to choose a gown simply to please me. She may have regretted being swayed. Fortunately, she chose a great gown. I saw many other gowns that were simply awful. There were bridesmaid dresses that ballooned at the bottom. There were bright orange dresses that appear to glow in the dark. I actually saw a gown that was remarkably similar to a ballerinas tutu and I thanked my lucky stars that the bride in the wedding Im attending is sensible and kind to her friends. I am going to stay on her good side. We havent ordered the bridesmaid dresses yet. I dont want her to change her mind.


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