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Corporate gifts are given by companies to impress prospective clients, to thank existing ones for their business or to employees as a reward for thesir services. These range from monetary gifts to material goods such as examples of the companies products, items such as cuff links, cigarette lighters etc. The value of the gift increases with the amount of importance the company attaches to the recipient.

Airlines give gifts to passengers in business class and first class as a way of thanking them for flying with them. these are a matter of prestige and the more well known a airline the more expensive its gifts will be, the businessgifts also depend on the class that the passenger is flying.

Abroad the concept of giving businessgifts has become quite an industry with companies vying to give more and more expensive gifts to their clients.

And an example of that can be seen in Hollywood where for example in awards ceremonies where companies pay thousands of dollars to have their products given as presents to award announcers who are high profile actors and industry professionals as well as the award winners.

Gifts are also given in the holiday season as in New Years when they want to thank clients for patronizing their companies throughout the year. Companies give their employees gifts in the form of money such as cash bonuses or increase in their salaries to thank them as well as an incentive to continue their performance. The rule in most cases is that such gifts are given around Christmas time or New Year when the financial year ends and employees are given winter holidays.


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