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Buying gifts for the babies can be fun but at the same time can be very confusing. Most of the time while buying a baby gift is spent on thinking as to how much we should spend and whether we need to stick to the registry. Here are some of the dos and don'ts for buying baby gifts.


1. Babies like colorful wrappers and glittery papers. So whenever you buy baby gifts make sure they are wrapped in beautiful papers. Their parents and grandparents might want to gaze upon the gifts before they are opened.

2. There is no such thing as too little or too much spent on babygifts. So never put yourself in thinking too much to buy baby gifts. At the same time, do not put yourself financially with baby gifts. You can think of buying an expensive gift if the baby is a member of your family. However, if the baby is belongs to a very close friend or a relative, you can spend up to 500 to 1000 on buying baby gifts, depending upon your affordability.

3. You cannot be creative when buying gifts for the grown up. As you cannot impose your likes and dislikes on them. However, you can buy creative gifts for babies instead of buying strictly from the registry. Some of the creative ideas might be buying a small object like a small piece of old porcelain, or an antique child storybook. You can also think of buying something that babies' parents like if the babies are too small. However, it would be very impressive gift if you buy something for the babies themselves that they can use lifelong or can use later in life.

4. Never buy small cute looking apparels for the babies. One, they become tight very soon as the babies grow very fats. They grow even as you look them. There might be an overabundance of clothing gifts that babies can be gifted but soon they will become outdated and nothing big enough for the babies. You can however, gift clothing to babies a little bigger size than they would normally wear. This they can wear when they become the size of 3 or 4.

5. You can attach a proper name on the gift so that the parents and the babiesgift know who actually has sent the gifts.

6. If in any case you are not sure that whatever you buy will not be liked by the giftbabies or their parents, you can buy gift certificates that can secure the babies' future as well as can be thought of gifts themselves. They are also cheap and can be stored for future. They can be used for babies when they grow biog and at that time they would also come to know as to who has given those certificates to them. This way they would also acknowledge the gift giving

7. If you are planning to buy a stiffed animal, you should ask the parents first whether they have those in the nursery. Most of us when think of giving baby gifts can only think of stuffed toys. Be sure that no one else is giving these baby gifts to them so that they do not have only stuffed animals as gifts on their birthday or any other day. Also, be sure to buy only small stuffed toys as big stuffed animal toys might terrify the babies and can prove to be disaster instead of a pleasure.

Some of the Great Gift ideas for Babies:

1. Personalized Engraved Galway Crystal Bay's Room Plate: Babies and their parents for their entire lives can treasure this plate. This plate comes in different sizes specially ranging from 8 to 10 inches. This also marks that babies are grown up and are ready to join nursery. The baby's name, date, weight and height are engraved on the plate. What makes this gift baby so unique is that the hands of the clock in the nursery scene are set to the time of the baby's birth. A thoughtful gift that will certainly become a family heirloom.

2. Personalized Baby Blanket with Celtic Cross or Sham Rock: Babies can be gifted these blankets with matching embroidery. You can also ask for engraving personalized baby's name and birth date on the blankets. At the same time you can also buy blankets that are washable and indestructible.

3. Discovery Toys: These toys are sold through independent Educational consultants, usually through parties in a host's home. These toys are a huge collection of toys and gifts for all ages and these toys and gifts have educational components that help babies develop physical and mental skills. The ten baby toys from Discovery Toys are educational, sturdy, and interesting to babies and best of all, they are lots of fun! Discovery Toys products make great baby gifts because they are classic, long-lasting toys.

4. Nursery Rhyme Box: There are boxes that have images of Hey Diddle nursery rhyme on these

boxes. This makes these boxed ideal gifts for babies on their birthday or any other occasion.

5. Educational Play Ground: The features of these play Grounds include:

» Educational play center with two learning modes for babies and toddlers 6-36 months

» More than 45 interactive touch points

» Play and compose on musical instruments

» Baby can bat, tug, and push interactive touch points to learn about colors, shapes, textures, and cause and effect

» Toddlers discover and create by playing alphabet, counting, rhyming, opposites, and musical games

6. Hammer Away: Hammer Away is a must-have playroom toy for babies. Compact and sturdy, this colorful boat allows baby to match colorful plastic balls to the openings in the boat's top and then hammer them through the boat until the balls wind their way out into the waves below. This toy gives active babies and toddlers a safe way to burn off some energy while learning cause and effect and building hand-eye coordination.

7. Gift Certificates: You can also present gift certificates to babies or their parents, which can be used in the long run. While buying gift certificates you should be careful in their purchase, and must review all their terms and conditions, such as:

• Some gift certificates require certain months or years to

spend them

• The particular sites where they can be redeemed

• Whether they can be used to buy gift certificates or gift cards from various other shops

• Whether they can be reddened for cash

Let us face it. Babies are consumers, just like the rest of us. They go through diapers, shampoo, wipes, clothing, booties, toys, and dozens of other items with abandon. That makes it a challenge to buy gifts for them.


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