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If youre trying to add some character to the walls of your home, you cant really go wrong with some Ansel Adams posters. Some of the most beautiful and breathtaking images of the Americas, especially the western United States, are portrayed in Ansel Adams photography, and Im a huge fan of his work. I already own several Ansel Adams posters which hang around my home, and Im always on the lookout for more. One of my favorite Ansel Adams posters is his famous image of Yosemites Halfdome, with a daytime moon behind it. A particularly striking image of that beautiful and recognizable symbol of Yosemite, this Ansel Adams poster always fills me with a sense of awe and reminds me of my backpacking trips in that region of the country. Ansel Adams was particularly fond of Yosemite, and did much of his lifes work in the area.

That is why; many Ansel Adams posters are depictions of different scenic aspects of Yosemite. They are by far the

best representations of the park Ive ever seen, and yet even they dont come close to showing the areas magnificence in its entirety. Having said that, have a number of Yosemite images around me can at times fill me with the same sense of peace and serenity that I get when I am actually in the famous national park. This is a good feeling to have especially when you actually live in a busy city. While there is of course a certain beauty to cities as well, the bustling, noisy, and chaotic character to them is well balanced with some Ansel Adams posters. Of course, Ansel Adams took plenty of pictures outside of Yosemite as well. Another one of my favorite Ansel Adams posters is a print of his Tetons and Snake River photograph.

The Grand Tetons are one of the most striking mountain ranges in the country, and this image captures their beauty to maximum extent. While Ive only been there once, every time I look at the Ansel Adams poster I am reminded of their imposing nature.Ansel Adams images have become quite a rage in the last few years, and Ive seen a rise in popularity in Ansel Adams posters as well. So not only are they great images to have around a home, theyre also very trendy. The kinds of images portrayed in an Ansel Adams poster are completely classic as well; a black and white image of mountains, lakes, trees, beaches, or other natural scenes will never be out of style.