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Animals just like humans are the greatest gifts of God. We should have a sense of treasuring them and should avoid exploiting them. Like humans and plants they are also living creatures and should be preserved for coming generations. No matter your religion, they are precious to all of us. Some people are so crazy about animals that they like everything pertaining to their animals, even the gifts. In addition, the animal gifts are wonderful gifts that you can give to others, not because they look cute, but also because they can infuse a sense of responsibility among others to prevent cruelty against them. Animal christmas gift kind can be wonderful gifts for children in the form of stuffed toys, wall hangings, toys, animal mugs, animal gift bags, plastic toys with animals engraved on them, crafts, beddings, and so on. You can also present true animals to your loved ones. They can be really precious animalgifts for someone who really adores animals.

There are varieties of animals present in the market today. You can buy these gifts online also. Let us take a look at some of the great gifts in the animal category.


1. Merchandise:

You can buy cool merchandise having animal theme on them. You can buy shirts, t-shirts, sweatshirts, and other merchandise with the animals themes. There can be different animal images pasted onto them, ranging from cat, dogs, tigers, beer, and so on. These merchandises come in all sizes and shapes. The qualities can range from low to very high. These can be soft and high quality merchandise or cheap or low quality merchandise. They can be screen-printed or hand dyed. Their silk screening process uses water-based inks that are environmentally friendly. They are also available in a number of colors to select from. They are just like the other merchandise, durable and stiff. Besides shirts, there is other merchandise available for you to select from. One such option is hats. You can select from your favorite animal hats. Available in a Giraffe baseball hat, Panda Bear baseball hat, Tiger baseball hat, Elephant baseball hat, Lion baseball hat and a Monkey baseball hat. There are also available cotton hats with adjustable plastic notched band. They come in all sizes ranging from 101/2" x 71/2". You can also buy animal printed bandanas. They come in various prints ranging from leopard prints to tiger prints to elephant prints. They can be bought in any stuff ranging from cotton, woolen, or silk. If you are a true animal lover, then you can also contribute to some sites that work for animals. There are sites on the Internet that contribute some percentage of their revenue earned to the welfare and care of animals. You can buy their merchandise online and you too can help the animals cause.


2. Stuffed Animal Toys:

At stuffed animalgift is a kind of animal toy that is stuffed with straw, beans, cotton, and other similar materials. Some stuffed animals are very old - home made cloth dolls stuffed with straw go back to at least the 1830s, perhaps much older. You can also buy stuffed animals for your loved ones. These stuffed animals gifts make a great gift idea as everybody ranging from children to adults like to have at least one-stuffed animals. Children especially like these stuffed animals. These are soft cuddly collection of whimsical characters. These stuffed animals can easily become your friend for life. In the past stuffing the evacuated skins of the hunted animals produced the stuffed animals. However, with the passage of time and with the dawn of modern technology, they can be produced with the help of synthetic material. Thus, in modern days the stuffed animals are also called the plush toys. One of the most popular stuffed animal toys is the teddy bear. Another is sock monkey. There is a strong reason why people like stuffed toys. The stuffed toys are very popular among humans due to human psychology. All humans are predisposed to nurture their young children. This has led to subconscious need to nurture and protect the young animals also. Due to growing modernization and urbanization, humans are isolated from the animals. The humans curiosity to know the unknown and unfamiliar has led to vast increase in the popularity of stuffed toys representing animals.


3. Gift a Pet:

For people who love animals very much, you can give a pet gift animal as gift to them. This will give them immense happiness and satisfaction in receiving gifts. You can select pets according to their likings and disliking. You can give pets in various breeds such as gifts for cat lovers, dog lovers, bird lovers, fish lovers and other such animal lovers.

For example, somebody likes dogs. Then you can giftanimal him dogs of different breeds. As each breed

of dog has certain traits, you can select from each breed accordingly. You should buy those different dog breeds according to the personalities of the people. If the person is active and sporty then you can gift him a similar dog breed. Among others cats can also be presented to your animal lover friends and relatives. Then again, if your loved one likes fish, you can present him with an aquarium. You can gift them fish aquarium of different shape and sizes. Nowadays various kinds of beautiful fish aquariums are available in the market.


4. Other Animal Gifts:

There are other animal gifts ideas as well. You can buy books on how to take care of various animals. You can buy books depending on the pets that your loved ones have. You can even go for health books. These books provide a lot of information on the health and nurturing of animals. You can also give animals accessories. For example, you can give dog chain or a fancy aquarium box to your friends and relatives. Other ideas include buying informative VCDs and CDs on their favorite animals. You can buy these CDs from animal's planet. You can give tickets to various animal shows such as a dog show, cat show, and other pert shows. You can even gift a magazine subscription on animals to your friends.


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