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African Gift Ideas

Africa is a truly unique Continent. With over 53 countries, and about a thousand different languages, this is a land where diversity is normal. While in Africa, one finds different unique ethnic living within ten miles of each other to be the norm. Even though group loyalties run very deep, people still have longstanding relationships with each other. With these diversities in Africa, there are whole lots of gifts that you can gift to your loved ones.



There are whole lots of African gifts available in shops and online. These gifts africans you and buy straight from the shop or you can purchase them online.

Here are some of the great AfricanGifts Ideas:

African Art: African Art is one of the most important parts of African culture. Here are some major gifts in the Art category that you can gift to your beloveds.

Mbari Collection: These sculptures are a collection of an exciting evolution within the tremendously successful Maasai brand. Standing up to 60cms tall, these striking, exquisitely detailed sculptures are genuine works of art in their own right and include some highly desirable Limited Editions.

African Soapstone Dish: The Kissi sculptors of Africa are known for creating a wide variety of objects large and small from soapstone. The soft stone is often carved wet with simple tools and hand-painted with traditional African designs.

Set of 3 Bushmen Kapula Candles Hand poured and Painted in South Africa. Experience the warm art of Africa through beautiful Kapula candles all the way from South Africa. In the spirit of Africa's rich heritage, skilled artisans paint the images of the San hunters on these handcrafted candles.

Kenyan Clay African Cat Pot: A combination of modern art and classic Kenyan pottery resulted in this gorgeous clay pot. There are 5 different cats hand painted around the side each one unique and with different colors.

African Mudcloth Keepsake Box: Our 4 porcelain keepsake boxes will be treasured by all who receive it. The rich

earth tones blend to capture the traditions of a proud African cultural heritage. Great Christmas, Kwanzaa or anytime gift. Full product line.

Set of 4 African Jungle Batik Placemats: Batik is a traditional art form practiced around the world. Each country, region or even village has their own techniques for achieving the unusual colors and patterns possible with batik.

Other Craft includes art and craft items such as :

Banana Leaf: Created from banana leaves in Kenya, these handcrafted works of art give you something special and unique. Economically priced yet exceptionally detailed. Each work is a one of a kind creation.

» Everything from clay pots to statues to museum-quality African artifacts.

Shadow Boxes: African treasures displayed in elegant and sophisticated 3-D shadow boxes.

Brass Sculpture: Sculptures of warm, solid metal with a golden luster.

Ebony Carvings: This rare and precious material makes its subject instantly elegant.

Framed Prints: Affordably evoke any mood or memory; encased in solid wood frames with glass.

Leather Art: Expressive facemasks and animal figures crafted from genuine leather.

Mudcloth Paintings: Quintessentially African, hand-woven and hand-painted.

New Artwork: Check back frequently for new and exciting possibilities.

Paintings Other: Oil paintings and prints exotically accent your home.

Soapstone: An extensive selection of carvings in this soft, fluid stone.

Wood Carvings: All hand-carved in Africa-and it shows.

Wood Carvings? Moroccan: Unique Thuya wood and Moroccan handiwork simply glow.

2. African Home Décor Items: You can purchase any of the home decors from various online shopping sites.



These gifts can be:Carrol Boyes Pewter, ethnic cushions and throws made from African tribal textiles, African batiks made into tablecloths, African tribal textile design table mats and napkins, coasters from African baskets, Woven table-mat Swazi baskets, African tribal textiles as wall hangings, Handcrafted frames, Ethnic candles, Ethnic designed glassware, Tribal patterned silverware, unusual metal art, Bead and wire art, Decoupage items, Woman of Africa oil burner, massai shield 30, wicker,

3. African Flower Varieties: The most common African Flower varieties include: African violet hybrids. You can gift these flowers in various varieties such as:

» Chirita

» Episcia

» Kohleria

» Streptocarpus

» Hanging, or basket plants like columnea (goldfish plant), nematanthus, and codonanthe

» Other blooming gesneriads, like alsobia and petrocosmea

4. Gifts For Her: Some of the Ideal AfricanGifts that you can give are: Jewelry, cosmetics and personal care items, women clothing created from African elegance and style, fragrance oils- used from ancient times for blessings, meditation, and relaxation, Incense and burners, Perfume bottles, clothing accessories such as hats, belts, purses, belts, personal care gifts basket including shea butter and Body pampering fun

Give the benefits of Africa in this handy little gift bag. Includes a 4 oz. jar of shea butter, 1 bar of the best-selling Dudu-Osun soap, 1-1/3 oz. bottle of Watermelon swirl oil and 3 peppermint chew sticks, African recipe cook book.

5. Gifts For Him: Some of the slingshot, men?s clothing, swords, kente tie shirt, slingshot carved wood handle, bow arrow quiver set, key chains, and Mudcloth kofi hat produced from authentic African mudcloth. Comes in small, medium, large, and X large.

6. Games for Gifts: You can also go in for presenting some

African games to your loved ones such as Awale, Animal Paddle

game, Morrocan dice set, chess set with Massai pieces, Egyptian mother of pearl chess set.

7. Some of the Popular African Children Gifts: some of the popular children gift items include: bamboo whistle, straw wicker rattles, African Dolls, Tic Toc drums, Toys and collectibles, elephant hand puppet plush, children?s clothing.

8. African Christmas Gifts: Some of the gifts that you can present on Christmas are Kenyan nativity set, coconut nativity set, painted hanging gourds, farmable greeting cards: mudcloth, banana leaf greeting cards, kwanzaa candle set, pine oil scent, banana leaf ornaments.

9. African wedding Gifts: Some of the popular African gifts for wedding are: Massai couple, wedding couple, ebony lover carving, soapstone kissing sculptures, wedding brooms, wedding clothing, soapstone 10? lover etc.