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One Year anniversary gift - Paper anniversary gift

Most people are aware that for the twenty-fifth wedding anniversary it's proper to gift the happy couple with something made of silver, for fifty years it's graduated to gold. But what do you get the still newlywed couple as they reach the milestone of marking a year of marriage The answer might surprise you. The first year is a paper anniversary! Yes paper anniversary, not some exotic gem or metal.



Traditionally there is a gift for each year of marriage. For the fifth year it’s wood, for the tenth year it's tin and for the first year of wedding bliss it is paper. This can prove a bit of a challenge to a person who wants to stick with tradition and buy a gift for the special day. What gift for a paper anniversary should you give However you can buy some lovely and unique things that are made of paper. One interesting idea is to send a bouquet of paper roses. These are beautiful and in addition to fulfilling the paper promise they also will last forever.

They can be ordered in a shade to match any décor in the couple's home and they will be a constant reminder of their first achievement of marriage. Another gift that will be welcomed is notepads with their names personalized on them. There are literally hundreds of styles of notepads available and you can pick on that reflects something special about the couple. Perhaps they are avid golfers or they love animals.

A notepad with a golf ball or an image of a dog would be suitable. Adding their names to it shows them that you took the time to choose something just for them. They'll be able to use the paper in the months ahead proudly knowing that it was chosen as a symbol of their still developing commitment. A really special first anniversary gift combines the paper tradition with the sentiment of a favorite poem. If the couple who are celebrating had a poem read at their wedding, have that printed on beautiful paper and then framed for them. You might also want to add a picture from their wedding day.

Have the printer add their names and wedding date at the bottom of the poem and you'll have a gift they will always treasure. They will display it in their home and it will remind them each time they glimpse at it of their wedding day. You can stick with that theme but with a slight paper anniversary alteration and have their wedding invitation framed as a gift. This is something that each married couple should have. The invitation is a special part of the beginning of their life together and having it placed in a lovely wooden or painted frame is a wonderful gesture.