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A simple rule of giving gifts to your friends, relatives, and others is that give them something that they really like. Giving gifts plays an important role in our social lives. We seldom get a chance of imposing our likes and dislikes on others and giving gifts is a very smart and the easiest way for us to impose our taste on another person. However, you should not forget that while giving gifts we should try and put our ego aside and put ourselves in others shoes and think hard of what others really like and dislike. Also, you should understand that while giving gifts, it is necessary to

understand that it is not the price that matters but the thought behind gifts giving is what it really matters. Another point to mention is that all our creative ideas about giving gifts should be kept at ourselves. We should really think of giving gifts that we really like to receive. You just need to keep one point in mind: Buy your loved ones the gifts that they would really be thrilled to receive.

Just as on every occasion, buying a Christmasgifts is as challenging as buying gifts for other occasions. You should stick to the simple rules, mentioned above for the Christmas gifts also. Giving gifts is also about the matter of season. As Christmas is in winters, the ideal gifts should reflect that as well. Whatever gifts you want to give your loved ones, they should reflect your loved ones personalities.

Let us look at some of the innovative Christmas gifts that you can give to different people in your life.


5 Ideal Gifts for Your Parents on Christmas


1. A Family Photo Album:

If there is someone in your family who does not live with you, or who has gone to a different country for studies or work, you can collect their photos and make an album. Parents are very attached to their children. I am sure they are going to like this gift and want to treasure it for their lives. You can collect photographs from different walks of their lives and can fill the pages with these photographs. Even if you are all together, you can make a photo album and present it to your parents.


2. A Calendar:

You can buy a calendar from the market and mark important dates in that calendar such as their children?s birthdays, their anniversaries, office joining dates, and other dates that really matter to your parents. Your parents will be overjoyed if you make the calendars yourself at home. Just make a colorful colander and mark all the important dates on that. You can paste in the calendar small pictures of your family on their respective birth dates. You can add small clippings of newspapers also. I am sure this will be very treasured gift for your parents.


3. A Recipe Book:

You can make a box for keeping the recipes that every one likes in your family. You can also

collect the magazine articles on recipes and put them into your recipe box. You can also make special sections in that recipe box such as chocolate recipes, candy cakes and other desserts. Additionally, you can put the respective pictures on those recipe pages. This will be an innovative idea for the kitchen, as well as your mother.


4. A Beer Bottle:

A beer bottle in winters can never go wrong. Wrap it a glittery wrapping paper and christmasgift it to your parents. I am sure they are going to like it.


5. A Vacation:

Your parents have been working for all the year to fulfill your requirements. Now it is your time to give them something they will really cherish. You can save a little from your pocket money or if you earning you can also save a little to plan a vacation for your parents.


5 Ideal Gifts for Your Son on Christmas:


1. Electronic Items:

Males often like electronic innovations and you can find plenty of these in the market. A cell phone, PDA, DVD player the more complicated a device is the more they are going to like them. You can also give them electronic watches or gadgets that they are sure going to like. The electronic items work really for your son or grandson.


2. Shoulder Bag/Office Bag:

You can present a school or a college bag to your young son. If he is office going you can give him an office bag. Every age group uses bags. In addition, you can make him happy by giving him the bag of his choice.


3. Personalized Items:

For your daughter you can give something personalized such as a bag or a simple chain with her name written on it. Females are sentimental creatures and I am sure they are going to treasure these personalized gifts.


4. Jewelry:

Jewelry can also add a spark to your daughter's eyes. Gift her pearls or diamonds, earrings or pendants, a bracelet, necklace, large, small, new or antique, expensive or not so expensive - it's all welcome.


5. Cakes:

Cakes are for every occasion. In addition, children specially are fond of cakes and chocolates.

You can give a pack of chocolates or cakes wrapped in colorful papers and can make them happy for this special day.


Some Don'ts of Giving a Christmas Gift:


1. Although red is a beautiful color, you should be careful not to give gifts of flowers, particularly red roses. These may be seen as having romantic implications. Green plants are safer and more durable.


2. For your girl friend, never buy a gift of your mom's choice. Your mom has a different choice and I can bet that if she finds that it was your mom's choice she is never going to appreciate her.


3. For the office Christmas gifts we need to be extra careful and cautious. Do not give costly christmas gifts to your boss. You could be labeled as apple polisher. Instead you can give something as cakes or some home made dish to your boss. As for the employees, you can give promotions and bonuses.


4. Do not give beer, video games, and posters, DVDs, CDs to your girl friends - save them for your male buddies.

Whatever gifts you choose, remember: the real joy in gift giving is to give from the heart. You must enjoy buying the unique gift you choose, and the recipient must enjoy receiving your gift as well.


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