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Climbing Shoe Gifts

There are many different kinds of climbing shoes, and the type that you get depends quite a bit on what you intend to do with it. Nothing is more important to a rock climber than getting appropriate climbing shoes, so it is imperative that care be exercised in selecting the proper one for the trip that you are taking.



Experienced climbers own several pairs of climbing shoes, from some that are little different from a pair of hiking boots, to full on climbing spikes for the most arduous and vertical climb, and if you are even beginning to climb, you should consult an expert to make sure that you have at least one pair of proper footwear. The basic, all purpose climbing shoe is basically not much different from a hiking boot.

These climbing shoes have tough treads, and a slightly more firm sole, which can make them a little uncomfortable for long treks, but basically they are ideally suited for both strenuous uphill hiking and for most vertical climbing. Buying these kinds of climbing shoes is largely a matter of compromises, and so care must be exercised in selecting

them. The harder they are, the more support they will provide for strenuous hiking and for climbing, but the rougher they will be for long hikes and normal walking. This is why climbers are likely to accumulate more and more shoes as they go. Climbing spikes is a term that can be applied to crampons, which are spikes that are attached to boots for certain special kinds of climbing. They are really needed only for ice climbing in general, and so most climbers can totally forget about these climbing shoes and concentrate on more basic applications.

You really don't want anything sharp on your climbing shoes unless you really need it because of the obvious reason of risk of injury. Then again, if you are not doing vertical scaling of rock faces, but only some pretty steep trails that might require the surmounting of an occasional boulder; you don't need specialized climbing shoes at all. In truth, you will get along quite fine with plain old hiking boots on this kind of trail. Hiking shoes also come in lots of different varieties, but basically as long as they are comfortable, any well built pair will do for day hiking over reasonably safe trails. For extended trips, it becomes much more complicated.