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Christmas Gift Ideas for Men

Finding the ideal Christmas gift for man may be a daunting task. However, when you are looking for a Christmas gift for man you need to look for their need and interests. Buying gifts for men is hard enough, but buying fashion related gifts is even harder. One point is wroth mentioning here: men are more interested in gadgets. They want something computer related or electronic. I have tried to put up a lot variety in gifts that you can give to men on Christmas.

Top Ideas for Christmas Gifts for a Man



1. Electronic Items: Men are crazy about electronic ideas. And they don't mind taking these electronic items even on a Christmas. There are a lot of electronic equipments that you can go for on the Christmas. There are cell phones, PDAs, DVD players, Laptops and so on - the more complicated it is to figure out, the more he will love it.

2. Cricket or Football Match Tickets: Men are also crazy about cricket and football matches. Just buy them a ticket of a cricket match happening in your city or season tickets to the NBA games. This will surely make him the happiest man on this earth and you can make him proud of yourself and the most treasured gift of all times.

3. Stock: Another exciting and interesting gift that you can buy for man on Christmas is stock. There are online websites that enable you to buy stocks from different companies online. This is a great idea for giving gift, as the value of stocks will keep on growing in future.

4. Beer: Men are crazy about beer. And giving this gift on Christmas can really add a spark to your male counterpart, brother, or father. But when buying beer as a gift, don't buy the ordinary? Opt for something special like North Carolina's finest brews. Consider options like Pernicious, Perni-Haze, Cheerwine Ale, few of the best North Carolina beers.

5. Books and Magazines: Some men are crazy about books. Presenting them with the books and magazines of their interests can really make them happy. Giving them the books of their favorite authors and favorite stories. Giving an autobiography on Bill Gates or just business magazine might be a good idea.

6. Fragrances and Perfumes: Some men also like putting perfumes and deodorants. Giving them a perfume of their favorite brand might be interesting idea. Presenting an Azaaroo, Jovan Musk or Axe can be a great idea to begin with.

7. Sports: You can buy anything related to sports. For example, you can buy a sports shirt, a football, a cricket set, or bandanas etc.

8. Watches: Watches can also be a great idea for a Christmas gift. Rolex, titan, fast Track, and there are a lot of brands that you can go ion for. You can go for latest and trendy watches available almost in all the markets. Choose from tasteful watches and key rings to elegant sterling silver cuff links and money clips. Many items can even be engraved for a personal touch. Choose one that really represents the man you are buying for. For example, if you are buying for a geek person, look for a watch with a USB Flash drive. If he is athletic, find one with a stopwatch - you get the idea. Personalize it as much as possible.

9. Cardigan or Sweater: If you knit, you can weave a cardigan or a sweater for your father, brother, husband.

You can also buy sweaters or cardigans from the market to match their personalities. As it is winters giving these gifts can be a great idea. If you knit, do not stop at sweaters or warm things. Knit dishcloth and towel sets from cotton yarn for the kitchen, or face cloths and hand towels for the bathroom.

10. A Briefcase: If you are looking for something for an executive guy a briefcase says one thing, if nothing else; "I'm important." Whether he is starting up his own online business, or works in corporate house, a briefcase will help him keep his things in order.

11. Gift Shoes: If you are looking a gift for some athlete or sport lover this is the perfect gift. These can be bought with a few rupees and are reasonable and easy gifts. These are great shoes for the athletic guy on your list, be it your jock friend, basketball obsessed brother, dad who likes to run or husband who is always on the run.

12. Other Gifts to Look for: Other Christmas gifts for men include: Spy calculators, the Power ball wrist exerciser, the smallest remote control car ever, inflatable speakers, mini digital cameras, arcade games consoles, mini cool tools and torches, sports radars, mini scooters, quad cam/cyber sampler - silver, sapphire torch - blue, alcohol breath sensor, projection clock with automatic time setting, Mag-lite solitaire, truth machine - executive, shower radio - caracas blue, wave buster - radiation reducer, freeplay sherpa self-sufficient flashlight, silver toilet roll holder clock/radio, swiss Card, and loads more.....

13. Gift certificates to restaurants, theaters, movies, sports events and salons are always welcome. Just present them with some panache. Try wrapping the certificate or a copy of the magazine with unusual paper and ribbon and attach a fresh flower, pinecone or holly.

Some Don'ts for Christmas Gifts for Men

1. With your gifts you should not try changing his taste. Do not buy any gifts such as shirt, tie, underwear or socks you saw in the latest magazine as it is out. You should keep in mind his interest and needs before giving a gift.

2. Men often do not like picture frames. In addition, if you give him a picture of yours that can prove to be a needless gift.

4. Never send a gift of alcohol to a person's office. Most companies prohibit alcohol consumption on the job, and the mere presence of booze on somebody's desk looks unprofessional.

5. Recycled" gifts are a minefield. We all do it. Nothing is wrong with it, as long as you make absolutely sure that all evidence of its recycling is removed before you give it. You do not want your recipient to discover a gift enclosure message intended for you.

A well-chosen gift gives pleasure and leaves you with a feeling of warmth and goodwill towards the donor.