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NEW YEAR is always welcomed with open hearts because people believe New Year brings new hopes and promises. People who are sunken in their old lifestyle and old living sense and old living habits take this as an inspiration a la boon to start a new way of life and a few also make Resolutions to improve their lives. New Year arrives as a season of 365 days for every walk of life uncaring to continent, country, religion and people livelihood making people all over the globe to celebrate the New Year with joviality and pride.

Jan 1st - The start of New Year is celebrated throughout the world in different manner. Whatever may be the way of celebration the theme and purpose behind its celebration remains same everywhere. The spice and the zing of the celebration has changed from stone generations to the present, even though the people know they are leaving their life by an year and entering a new year - the zeal to enjoy the new era never dies.

New Year's Day is that time of the year when we all try to make a new start in our life. People prefer to spend this day with family and friends welcoming the New Year with gaiety. There are celebrations and wishes flying all around and stream of gifts pouring into the couches of every house. Usually, people start this day with a belief that the things done this day will carry forward the whole year. So, they favor spending time into prayers, books, gatherings with loved ones, and a few also turn a new leaf by taking resolutions to change their habits. New Year Resolutions are also good for few as they take oaths o leave Bad habits like smoking, drinking and others and change with the coming of the New Year. New Year's Gift

Gifting is the best and most sensible form of celebrating this day. New Year gifts can be anything depending on whom you are giving it. It is an expression of love, concern and good times you have shared together and acts as lucky charm for the coming future. Selecting a gift has always been a hassle, but remember! There are no such special gifts for

New Year's Day but it is how you look at it. If you want you can make a simple gift look special. It is your perception and creative instinct that can make an ordinary gift extra ordinary. For that you need some presence of mind and a smile on your face.

With the advent of electronic age it has revolutionized the pattern of gifting. Living for a day has become the mold of present generation, which has changed the vision to more realistic and racy. Gone are the days of paying visits to friends and gifting them, now it is done by delivering the gifts through classy mushrooming companies through door deliveries. People of this generation fav to spend start of New Year partying in pubs and discos than spending time with loved ones.

Pity! This generation doesn't have time. They are busy catching their backlogs to welcome the New Year. Leave aside all those who are busy getting into Astrology and Horoscope know the New Year's predictions.

Fact! Not all countries celebrate New Year at the same time, nor in the same way. This is because people in different parts of the world use different calendars and these calendars were based on their calculations of months, years and days.

Perfect Gifting this New Year

Present age has increased the range of gifts and also selection them sitting in their corridors and lawns

through online Shopping and sending through gift carrying companies. Gifts can range from simple wishes to flowers to a holiday with loved ones, or so it may be as simple as a bunch of nice flowers, or a basket of season's fruits; a box of candy or a pack of chocolates; an item of trivia or, utilities or, luxury and many more valuable but unnoticed gifts, which gives a new dimension to their life and really help them to make a new start with the New Year.

For a loving spouse - a candle light dinner, or a honeymoon holidaying to Hawaii, or a diamond ring, or even a small gift like an I Love You card can work wonders,

For children - Candies n cakes, outing to a nearby farm with family for rope climbing and trekking, Going to their fav movie

For teens - pack of fav music CDs, or a crack at their fav game, a bicycle or bike and others of liking or need.

For elders - a day spent with your grandparents, with a good book or more witty get a permanent hair color solution to them.

For Friends - a special greeting, a close-end party, a surprise gift of old times, even more innovative like gift your friend who is out of shape a workout gear for the gym, some motivational videos on how to lose weight to your friend who is out of shape.

For strangers - a wish with a smile and a flower if possible to go with it.

For people who cannot make their visits to far distances, you can always use the assistance of the fast aged technology to send their gifts. Many companies assist these deliveries.

All said, enjoy your New Year with jolly and happiness to reckon for years to come.

Please spread the message of Happiness and Love and also Safety.


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