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Novel Gift Ideas for Christmas



The holiday season brings with it a new dilemma. What gifts to give friends and family One always wants to gift unique and special gifts, which will be remembered, and be useful to the person receiving it. One must keep in mind the likes and dislikes of the person when choosing a gift. The gift may not be too expensive but there must be some thought behind it. It must be given out of love and affection for the person, either family or friends. Here is a quick compilation of some useful items, which can be appropriate gifts.

Electronic items

One can shop online after comparing prices from the various holiday shopping sites on the Internet. To make the right choice one can visit Consumer report .org , a site that conducts in-depth research into all products available in a particular category

Cell phones with cameras; web enabled or with a PDA are available in a variety of models and price ranges from a host of manufacturers like Motorola, Samsung, Nokia and Sony Ericsson. One can club this together with a cell connection from any of the telecom providers to gift plenty of talk time. The prices start from$200.

Digital cameras to preserve those memories forever are available from Canon, Nikon and Olympus. These are available for $200 onwards.

For tech savvy kids game consoles from Game boy and Sony are the perfect gift to keep them occupied in their free time.

One can gift the latest laptop from Dell or HP with the appropriate software and hardware specifications for

$649 upwards. Desktops are available for $349.

The Apple iPod nano mp3 player is the hottest gift this season available from $193.

To this list one can add a host of cordless phones, Internet phones and headsets and snazzy accessories for the cell phones and the mp3 players.

Personalized gifts

For very close co- workers or friends one can gift personalized gifts like coffee mugs inscribed with a special message. The prices start at $10.

Special throws with itemized messages can be ordered for gifting, at prices ranging from $30 upwards.

One can also gift Friends and Family plates or photo playing cards.

There are innovative gifts available like photo ties.

For teachers or coaches one can gift sweatshirts, silver business card holder, rosewood pen and penci

l set, or customized throws.

Useful gifts include tote bags, beveled nameplates, paperweights and plaques.

Home and kitchen appliances as gifts.

These are ideal gifts for parents, in-laws and other relatives or friends who are house-proud.

Colorful bed sheet sets and bedspreads make a thoughtful gift. It would be useful to keep in mind the color combination of the room when making this gift.

One can gift monogrammed towel sets for the bathroom or a set of hand towels for the kitchen.

Gardening tool sets can be gifted for the gardening enthusiast.

Kitchen appliances like a coffee maker, hand mixer, bread maker are useful gifts. They are available from reputed manufacturers at every price range.

For book enthusiasts the latest bestseller would be the perfect gift. Jewelry, perfume, music cds or DVDs and old records are some of the more time-tested gifts that can bring

a smile to the face of the person receiving it. If one is short of time the Internet offers several options for selecting as well as delivering gifts on one?s behalf. One must only keep in mind the credibility of the sight while making payment through credit cards. One can thus put a little thought into the gifting process and surprise the friend or family receiving the gift by giving them the desired gift.


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