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New Year has arrived again. With New Year many new things come up. We all want New Year to begin with a blast. Right! One way of celebrating New Year is have party till mid-night and welcome the New Year with your family and friends. And the next thing which comes to our mind is New Year gifts. A New Year gift signifies a lot many things than merely a materialistic or flashy thing. Moreover we are giving these gifts to the close people around us. The idea of a New Year gift should be to greet each other with something auspicious on the wake of the New Year. So it becomes very essential to be careful while taking any decisions regarding this matter.

Let¡¦s see how we can make our New Year gifts a wholesome and enriching experience to the gift takers.

Each and every individual is unique and to satisfy our loved ones is a real tough task...

The gifts could be anything and everything which imbibes with it the spirit of well being. And at this hour of natural calamities, religious outbursts, terror attacks-our New Year gifts should add a renewal of love, peace, humanity and good relations. We tend to forget that this is basic premise of the beginning of the New Year.

Gifts can be anything; they should not necessarily be rich and glamorous. But we have to make sure that it is reach at HEART.

Never go in for on the spot or random shopping. Plan before hand. Because ¡§whom we are giving what is more

important than what we are giving to whom¡¨ We can build our relationship based on our unique ideas. So let¡¦s plan before we buy anything. Right!

Following are certain thing that needs to be decided while you decide for your New Year gifts:

Lets call the individuals whom we are presenting with the gift as ¡§target receivers¨

Next step is to find that who are our target receivers

What are their likes and dislikes

Are they sport lovers or they like new dresses to fill up their ward robe

Is he/she a great movie buff, a voracious reader and so on Since target receiver is your closed one you will definitely know all the above mentioned things.

Add a personal touch to your gift to let them realize the way you do care to wish them a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.

1. See how you can help them purchase something you need.
2. If there is a personal item which you can create, and which they would also enjoy having.
3. We can also have special New Year Recipes too. Showered with love and affection.
4. A book to a reader will take him to paradise and will praise you the whole year for presenting him with such a wonderful gift.

Gifts need not always be materialistic, flashy and expensive things only.
It can be ¡§emotional care and support¡¨ for the one you really love.
It can be just helping a person in distress, or in the need of the hour. And make one life happy. This is also a great way of starting New Year with tremendous satisfaction of bringing a positive change in someone¡¦s life. Isn¡¦t it

While thinking of gifts, we tend to forget small things of joy-like sharing, receiving, giving, love and affection. It¡¦s definitely an idea to be thought of

Now one of the thoughts which come to our mind on the eve of New Year is ¡§New year resolutions¡¨. We can make New Year resolutions as a part and theme of our New Year gift ideas. Sounds very novel, interesting and innovative. But how can we go about this

Some of the tips are given below:

We have many New Year resolutions. Some of the modern ones are ¡§ I will quit smoking ¡¨ or ¡§ I am going to lose my weight.

So why not tune your gifts around the New Year resolutions like the one mentioned above.

We can give inspirational and motivational gifts to people who we are very close to. Like give a musical

instrument to your friend to revive his interest in this area. He had a great passion for it in his past days, but now was not able to devote time as well as money for this purpose. Just see how happy he looks and expresses. That joy on his/her face will be cherished memory for you. And man what a great way to begin a new year- with a smile on his face and as well as yours. The loved one will look forward for your New Year gift not because he wants a gift from you, but to see how he can bring a positive change in the forth coming year.

This kind of plan and thought makes our decision process so easy and simple.And above all it reflects the feeling and bond that exists behind our exclusive gifts. It gives the person a feeling that he is cared for, is watched for his progress and thus he will have to live up to the expectations.

There are various kinds of gifts like
Floral bouquets
Musical gifts
Motivational and inspirational gifts
Target, planners
Mission statements
Health related products- to promote the idea that health is wealth. And a best way to begin your new year with.

A favourite holiday spot destination for that refreshing and pleasant new year Exclusive garment, jewelry and food

Since January1st marks the beginning of a new year, you can also provide a collage {cuttings from new papers, magazines, collect information from T.V, Radio etc} of previous year¡¦s happenings ¡Vboth professional and personal. A glimpse of past year will guide and motivate to perform better for the new year

So don¡¦t waste and hurry for that customized gift for you near and dear ones. And

¡§I wish you a Merry Christmas
and a Happy New Year,
A pocketful of money
and a cellar full of beer,
And a good fat pig
to serve you all the year."


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