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Mexican Silver Jewelry



Mexican silver jewelry
seems to be steadily coming in style all over again. Mexico has some of the richest deposits on silver in the world, and Mexican silver jewelry has thus found its ways all over the world in the last several centuries. The native Mayan and Aztec peoples had lived in what is now Mexico for hundreds of years without ever knowing the value of gold or silver, but fortunately for them some helpful Europeans came over in the 16th century and taught them. Now Mexican silver jewelry is a trademark of that region of the world, consisting of one of Mexico’s largest exports.

All jesting aside, the combination of Christian (European) influences and the native religions that existed in the area already has come together to form an interesting and unique blend of a culture that is beautifully expressed in Mexican silver jewelry. Silver workers and jewelry makers in Mexico put an intense amount of thought, creativity, and effort into their work, and are fiercely proud of what they produce.So much Mexican silver jewelry has been made over the years that there is a very good chance that the silver you see displayed in the mall you frequent came from Mexico. Most of the time, jewelry venders in the United States, or other areas of the world do not advertise that their product was made in Mexico, though this may be changing.

Many people tend to think ‘Hecho en Mexico’ (made in Mexico) is a stamp suggesting sub-standard quality, but they couldn’t be more wrong when it comes to silver. Mexican silver jewelry is some of the most unique, creative, and intricately worked silver jewelry in the world.If you take a trip to Mexico, which I often do, I recommend picking up some Mexican silver jewelry while you’re there. Even if you don’t wear it yourself, Mexican silver jewelry makes a great gift for any jewelry wearers you know. Silver is one of those metals that you can’t really go wrong with. It is timeless, and matches everything, so women generally love it.

If you are in Mexico itself, you can usually get some great deals on genuine Mexican silver jewelry, but you can certainly find it all over the internet as well. If you are buying it in person in Mexico, some bargaining skills may save you a lot of money, but just remember that the person you’re buying it from probably doesn’t make very much money.


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