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If you owned a glass coffee table years ago, you were one among a select few who had the wealth and taste to accommodate the most demanding decorative palate. These delicate pieces of furniture were a signature of good taste and good fortune. They were mostly found in only trendy and up-to-date homes around the world. Things have changed quite a bit over the past few decades.

Today, just about anyone can own a glass coffee table. They are now affordable and the middle-class is welcome to indulge in the attractive living room pieces of furniture which retain their stigma for good taste and class. A glass coffee table communicates elegance and style with an affordable price tag. The classic glass coffee tables were surrounded completely by brass.

The brass element gave the reflective material even more glimmer and spark. These pieces can still be bought today as antiques or they can be purchased brand new. When the brass-accented coffee table is added to a room the room reflects a wonderful glow. Nearly every kind of dcor can be complimented by the seemingly timeless tables. The glass coffee table can easily come into any room without taking away from the actual feel of the design. The

understated nature of the table is refined and is never overwhelming. A glass coffee table goes anywhere. Well, almost anywhere. I was very attached to my glass coffee table that was given to me by my parents. I love the piece, but I dont dare to use it right now because I have a curious, energetic and fast toddler. Toddlers and glass simply dont mix.

This is just a fact that parents have to face, even parents who are attached to a specific piece of furniture. At first I tried to use regular parental tactics like the booming NO every time my toddler approached the glass coffee table. This approach is not effective as any seasoned parent will tell you. I even tried putting a bumper around the table. However, I found that my daughter was drawn to the glass and found her way to the sleek surface one way or another. There is something so very appealing about the forbidden when you are a toddler. I could either stand guard with a constant supply of window cleaner to address the fingerprints. I could bark and pick my daughter up to carry her away from the forbidden object. I simply do not have the energy. My beloved glass coffee table will have to wait until my toddler is a proper little girl. Then Ill only have to worry about her father.


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