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Gift Basket Ideas

There is a nip in the air, sounds of carols come floating in from somewhere a far, it is Christmas time, a time to celebrate, a time to greet, and a time to GIFT.

When you're in the search for that perfect present, meaningful gift ideas always seem illusive. The perfect gift for the perfect person is a daunting task when you don't have any idea.



And the higher the standards, the more difficult it seems to find gift ideas that not only express appreciation, but also stand apart in a memorable way.

However when you step in to shop and look at displays you will never be at a loss for gift ideas. You can have personalized gift for those who are most special to you, appropriate gift for important people with whom you would

like to celebrate, and artful gift that exhibit both beauty and joy to everyone who shares in their presence. The best gift ideas combine personal sentiment with exceptional beauty and flavor. Gifts are the source for unexpected smiles. Gift ideas should result in a "Wow!" upon delivery - gift ideas that are knockout successes. You should have memorable gift ideas that deliver a powerful, lasting impression, and a rewarding experience for everyone

Why gift basket

The wonderful thing about making your own gift baskets is that you can personalize them to suit the recipient. You can add favorite little tit bits and particular brand names that you know will be enjoyed. And with just a little time and effort, you can create gift baskets as beautiful as you would like them to be.

1. Select the basket and decorate with spray paint, silk flowers, floral sprigs, buttons, ribbon, etc.

2. Cut florist foam to fit snugly into the bottom of the basket .

3. Arrange gift items in basket with larger items in the back. To hold gift items in place, tape it into the florist foam.

4. Use filler, such as raffia or shredded tissue paper, to cover florist foam and arrange filler among gift items.

5. Wrap ribbon around the side of the basket and shrink wrap if desired.

6. Attach bow and card to basket handle preferably a colored or Christmas-themed cellophane paper for gift wrapping and colored ribbon to make the bow to give the finishing touch to your Christmas gift basket.

7. The kids would love to have candies, candy canes, a Christmas cracker or two and some toys and enjoy seeing the grin broadening with their treasure trove.

8. Teenagers and those who think have grown up will love some of their favorite CDs, small video game, candy canes, toffees and homemade cookies.

9. For little Miss Perfect an assortment of quality cosmetics such as nail colors and lipsticks will be welcome and you can also insert a pack of wet and fragrant fresh tissues and cotton balls. You can add a piece or two of stylish costume jewelry or latest hair accessory in the market.

10. The little grown up Man of the House gift baskets can include handkerchiefs, socks, cuff links, buttons and may be a watch!

11. For that extra Special person of your life with whom you want to spend your life you can propose to your beloved on Christmas and you can hide the ring with a love letter in rose petals in the gift basket and cover it with chocolates and other trivial things.

12. The new neighbors or the friends or near ones who have shifted to a new house any assortment of small items, decorative pieces, collectibles, nativity dolls and even small Feng Shui items available are perfect for people who have just shifted to a new home.



Gift basket or

It is not necessary that gift basket means that you have to gift in a wicker basket only . There are hosts of other items which can be decorated as well as be useful later on. They make a complete set with the large item as basket and the smaller items as the fillers.

For the Lady of the house, wife, mother, friend, colleague, daughter who is the perfect homemaker you can choose any one of these items for making as Gift Basket.

  • Large mug

  • Salad bowl

  • Pasta pot

  • Colander

  • Crock pot

  • Casserole dish

  • Large wok

  • Cookie jar

  • Large frying pan

  • Terra cotta pot

  • Baby bath tub

  • Tackle box

  • Sewing basket/box

  • Medium-sized cooler

  • Large toy dump truck

  • Backpack

  • Laundry basket

  • Storage container

Why gift basket

Christmas Gift Baskets save time. They are so beautiful and so much fun, which is why everyone loves to

receive them and spend time exploring and savoring the contents! They come in variety of sizes and price ranges, making them ideal for any budget. Christmas Gift Baskets are filled with lots of "mini" gifts which the person receiving them will enjoy. They can express the sentiments and feelings of the sender in a way that is exclusive and personal. They can be attractive and elegant, fun and lively, bright and cheery, or motivating and comforting.

Looking for Christmas gift driving around town, and spending hours searching the malls trying to find the perfect gift , only to arrive back tired, frustrated and empty-handed Not any longer you can put different items in a basket and then gift them which you cant do individually.

Whether you need the perfect gift for your boss, colleague people whom you don't know very well giftbaskets are the first-class choice as you can put variety of things in them

which can be enjoyed by everyone and will fill their hearts with joy and ecstasy. They make you look good! Your gift recipient will be absolutely delighted to receive such a warm, thoughtful gift from you! Gift Baskets are filled with lots of mini and thoughtful presents for the gift recipient making them an excellent value. It becomes a treasure hunt for the recipient who feels thrilled every time he puts his hands in it.