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Significance of valentine day

February the 14, known as the valentine day is a day to exchange love messages, also known as valentine, and love tokens. Named after saint valentine and celebrated as a national holiday all across European and American countries, this day is particularly very popular with the teenagers and the youngsters.

The valentine day has been celebrated since centuries, but it gained major popularity and reorganization especially in the western countries, in the beginning of 19th century. The fame and craze of valentine day is now longer confined to the western countries but is now celebrated with equal enthusiasm, all over the world.

Different counties have different customs to celebrate the valentine day. In the USA and Canada, the day is celebrated with children exchanging valentines with their friends and organizing dances and parties. In Europe, British children sings valentine songs, while in some other areas of England people prepare special valentine buns. In Italy, a special feast is organized, to celebrate the day of love that is Valentine’s Day.


Gift ideas for the day

The exchange of words and love messages to express feelings, have now been taken over by expensive gifts and cards, as symbols of love and feelings. Comes, the month of February, and the market places are flooded with flowers, candies, heart shaped chocolates and many other new forms of valentine gifts introduced every year. On this day, everyone tries to woo their loved ones, be it girl friends, boy friends or husband and wives, by gifting them their favorite stuff.

A valentine gift that is always loved and appreciated by women is valentinejewelry. Jewelry is always a women’s delight, and if gifted by someone special on a day as special as a Valentine's Day, it becomes all the more precious. With the gaining popularity of jewelry as a popular gift on this day, the various jewelry houses and shops comes out with special designs of jewelry for this day. With the acclaimed advertising and propaganda for 14th of February, sale of jewelry on this day, makes this day a golden day for the jewelers. The sale of the valentine jewelry reaches new height on this day, with people flooding the jewelers markets to buy something special for their special one’s, suiting their pocket. The jewelry can also be purchased online, by browsing through various jewelry sites available online. This gives the buyer a comfort to select his or her favorite design, coming within his or limit, and just ordering it, without the hassles of going around in various shop’s and than looking for a piece of jewelry.

Cute little jewelry created in yellow metal gifted on this day can work wonders to enchant your beloved and win his or her heart. The age long tradition of the exclusive copy right of women on wearing jewelry no longer exists. Men’s jewelry is as hot and in demand now as the women’s jewelry. The most popular variety of valentine jewelry for women comprise of studs, lockets, charm bracelets, double hearts, toe rings, and pendants with love notes inscribed on them. Danglers, hanging on your earrings make you look like nothing less than a romantic model straight from mills and boons or a romantic TV serial. Amethyst and garnet rings are yet another popular valentine gift for women. For men, various designs of valentine jewelry like bracelets, heart shape pendants, earrings, collar stiffeners, tiepins and chains are hot in the market. Designer jewelry watches, as a valentine gift is an in thing both for men as well as women.

Most of the designs of the jewelry created for this occasion are made in heart shape, with heart being the universal symbol of love. This jewelry is especially created keeping the fact in mind, that it is usually brought and gifted by youngsters, who have to buy something fitting their budget of limited pocket money. Buying jewelry in today’s time no longer means spending lavishly, with branded jewelry designs available for low rates starting from$6 onwards. Depending upon your limit, you can always choose a jewelry design, with low priced jewelry created with semi precious stones and gold, available easily. Diamonds are favorites, and can make an exclusive valentine gift for people who have financial constraints.


Gifting the jewelry, the right way

A gift when presented on the right occasion in right time becomes incomparable. Imagine you’re beloved waking up on a valentine morning, with the room flooded with flowers, and a small jewelry box with a cute little pin or ring, wrapped on her bedside. Always remember that timing matters a lot in upholding the value of the gift, so this day show your loved one’s how special they are by adding a surprise element to the gift, by waking him or her in midnight to wish, “Happy Valentine’s Day”, and present the gift, or let them get up in the morning, with a surprise waiting on the bed side. This day and gift will bring a smile to her or his face, whenever he or she will see that special piece of jewelry. Before planning to buy a piece of jewelry for valentine day, it is important to be aware of the taste of your loved ones. The preference of jewelry worn by him or her can give you a better idea while selecting a jewelry piece. So it’s always advisable to take a look through his or her jewelry box to get an idea about the taste, before making a move.

So this valentine just open your heart to someone who occupies your heart and woo him or her, with special valentine jewelry, oozing with love, and make him or her yours for the rest of your life.

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