Valentine Day

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Valentine day or Lovers day falls on 14th February and everyone celebrate this day by exchanging gifts and cards with each other. This is the only day when you can confide your feelings and love to the person you love and admire the most. This is said to be the best day when you can go and propose your love for spending whole life together. Since the advent of this day this valentine day is celebrated with great buzz and energy. Lovers buy flowers preferably roses, gifts and various other things to woo their love.

This day is also termed or known as Singles Awareness Day as the people who were single and ready to mingle go in full strength and flaunts their love in front of everyone. Valentine day is extremely popular in the youths as they eagerly wait for this day and also do a lot of preparations that too in advance. They buy flowers, gifts, cakes and many more just to make their love smile. Even valentine jewelry is also gaining certain importance among the people, as now girls love to wear the valentine jewelry gifted to them by their love. This is the day when everyone promises their love to be with them whole life that too in happiness and sad moments. They also swear to keep each other happy and love each other more than they do now. Even valentine poetry is also gaining certain popularity, as majority of the guys love to attach poetry with their gifts and flowers. Heart shaped bouquets or balloons are the hot properties during this day and are sold like hot cakes sold in the American market. This is day is said to be the second widely celebrated day after Christmas and approximately one billion valentine cards are exchanged among the lovers all over the globe. According to the latest survey it was revealed that almost 85% are women buyers of this greeting cards and gifts. It shows the sheer craziness prevailing among the people to celebrate this day. This day is accompanied with the glorious history, which makes this day very important and popular.

According to the historians it was on 15th February when this day was celebrated in ancient Rome. This festival then was known as Lupercalia. Lupercalia is the name derived from Lupercus the god of fertility. Lupercus was always showcased half naked with dressed in goat’s skin. According to the customs the priest of Lupercus sacrifice the goat for the purification and that was followed by drinking the wine. Afterwards, he would run in the Rome streets having goatskin on his head and will touch anyone he meets. Women tend to eagerly wait for him as his touch makes them fertile and that make them give birth to the child. But another history or historian tells that this day is celebrated to mark the death of Saint Valentine who died for his love. As per Catholic encyclopedia it was way back in 19th century in Rome when St. Valentine who suffered martyrdom and he was buried in Via Flaminia. As per the history he was the priest who was in love with the jailor’s daughter who was known to be the most beautiful girl in whole Rome.

But her father did not accept their love, so in fit of anger he confided Valentine in jail for years and tortured him. And after sometime he was killed, so the day on which he was killed was 14th February that’s why this day is celebrated as Valentine’s Day. This whole incident took place in 19th century and since then this day is celebrated. Earlier its celebration was only confided to America and Rome but now this day is celebrated worldwide that too with great enthusiasm. It is said that Valentine Day was transported to North America around 19th century from the Britain settlers. It was in 1847 when Esther Howland distributed and produced mass valentine papers which were sold round the America and this was how this day was popularized and settled into the blood of every American. Valentine Day is usually the most awaited day in America and youths out there buys chocolates, cards, balloons, gifts and jewelry to express their love. Earlier valentine day was only restricted to 14th February but now it has been stretched to a week. It means it starts on 7th February and ends on 14th. Everyday from 7th to 14th you will find various days having varied importance. Now you can find Hug Day, Chocolate Day, Kiss Day and many more and they all are concluded with Valentine Day. Everyone gears up for the preparation prior the actual day wherein they buy new clothes, plans the surprise for their love so that their day is made more special. Valentine day culture was also popularized in Korea and Japan. This day marked its emergence when a woman gave the candy to a man in order to express her love towards him. This small incident engulfed the popularity of this day in whole Korea and since then this day only grown out to become popular and famous. However, in Brazil nobody celebrates this day whereas, they celebrate “Dia Dos Namorados” means lovers day. On this day all the guys and girls simply freak out and enjoy the love lit moment. Especially on this day lovers, couple exchanges gifts, lingerie, chocolates, cards and many more things to express their love and also to propose someone they love. This day is celebrated a day before Saint Anthony’s Day. Saint Anthony’s Day is the day when girls perform various rituals to find and get the best husband with whom they can spend their rest of their lives.

This is the best day for those who are in love but are not able to express it, as this is the day when they gather all their strengths and power and express their love. Even those who are not in love can also feel the love aroma floating in the air as you yourself can feel the love is in the air. Love is the most beautiful and blissful feeling which is blessed by god to everyone so why we remain away from it. Thus, if you are in love but still not expressed then this is to remind you that valentine day is approaching just buy the gift, card and a bunch of rose to express your love to your beloved and see the blissful vibes around you. Or if you have a lover then makes him or her feel special and makes their day memorable.