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Valentine's Day is approaching fast. What is your idea of a Valentine's Day Is it another commercially promoted day to make you a brook or a day to spend quality time with your loved one You can make a memorable day with simple Valentine's Day shirt. The primary thing is to express you. Nothing in world can beat a shirt to express your feelings. Valentine's Day is celebrated by exchanging sentiments and emotions and not by heavy-duty gifts. A simple, sweet shirt can make your day with your valentine. This is a keepsake that your valentine can never forget. He\She will be able to wear your love on the sleeve rather heart. The shirts before arrival of the printing press You will hardly find these names today but they were the designs that made a splash in the past. The designs are still preferred and are classic ones that evolved over the years. Acrostic Shirt: this shirt was specially designed on order of the customer. The shirts first line read the name of valentine. The shirt did not incorporate any images. Great romantic words were the primary element in such shirts. The got extremely popular in the early 14th century.

Fracttur Shirt: expert artisans crafted this valentine shirt with ornamental cravings on the material. The shirt was presented as a shot manuscript of the feelings and sentiments of the person. Such shirts were not really affordable by common man. The rich and famous had the luxury of sending the ornamented shirts to their dames and dukes.

Rebus Shirt: This superbly creative valentines shirt has little pictures in place of the words. The rebus shirts also shot to fame with the youngsters in medieval era. For example: instead of writing “I”, the shirts had a picture of “eye”.

Cutout Shirt: The cutout valentine’s shirts were crafted out by making several folds to a fancy material. Cutting the edges into a lace like design on its edges shaped up the material. When unfolded, the shirt is truly mesmerizing.

Poonah or Theorem Shirt: The shirts were made using famous Asian style of painting. The shirts did not use any hand paintings. The words were painted using a stencil. This gave the shirts a much more commercial look. Cutting the oil material out with the words to be painted on the shirt developed the stencil.

Pinprick Shirt: The pinprick shirts as clear by name were designed by pricking fine pins in the material. After completion, the material turned out to be a fine lace of material with exotic designs.

Puzzle purse Shirt: These are one of the most popular shirts before 18th century. Folding the material and making an envelope or purse out of it made them. To read the valentines message, the valentine has to open it in a specific manner by solving the puzzles that appeared after unfolding every fold.

Modern day Valentine's Day shirts

As the pages of calendar turned, the culture and traditions saw a sea change in them. The same was reflected in the valentine shirts as well. Dislike the earlier shirts; the present shirts are not so much sentimental. They are smart and witty as well. Although there is a huge collection of the emotional messages and sentimental images, the lovers prefer to get the shirt that expresses them.

You will a change in the images used in the shirts today. The comic characters and cute kids are quiet a hit for valentine’s shirts. Snappy verses and naughty statements are flavor of the time. You can buy from a plethora of shirts today. The shirts are available in a variable range of prices. You will find a shirt with in 1$ or 2$, on the other hand prices can shoot up to 100$.

The shirts are on stack much before the Valentine's Day. The hot favorites are shirts with red roses. The couple deeply in love for along time prefers them. For a fresh relationship, the cute cartoon shirts are advisable. Incase, you want to move one step ahead in your relationship, there are all the witty and naughty shirts that make your wishes clear to your valentine.

The cyber world has made the world a smaller place to live. You can send the shirts from any where to anyone around the globe. The Internet has several websites that offer you special Valentine's Day shirts. The valentineshirts have variegated categories like funny, witty, adult and sentimental. Another advantage of sending a valentine shirt is that you can give a big surprise to your valentine by getting it delivered at the midnight with a rose.

Express yourself

So get your shirt today and decide what to get printed on it right away. You will find the valentine shirts with great messages. Look for the color that you’re beloved is passionate about. It is also possible to get your personalized message printed or painted on the shirts.

The shirts can be made great by having your photograph. The valentine shirts manufacturers take special orders to print your photo on the shirt so that you are always with your lover.

You can also express your self by painting the shirt your self. Purchase a set of fabric colors and design the shirt your self. You can paint a red heart with your and your partners name in it. Also you can embellish it with some cute motifs. If you don’t have a painting had, then the alphabets are available as stickers. These stickers are actually attractive and durable as well. Once stick, they never leave the T-Shirt.

Today, we all have toned down the spirit of Valentine's Day by simply making it an adjunct to the diamond rings, expensive clothing, hundreds of flowers. Valentine's Day is a tribute to love and lovers. Great gifts do not show your love and affection. Love is to be felt. A sweet shirt is still the most appropriate manner to take your heart out. Remember’ “Hearts sees what eyes cannot”.