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When did you looked straight into the eyes of your partner and said, “you are the most special person for me in the world”. Humm… long time ago or probably never. Do you want to let your beloved hear your heartbeats Do you really want to show your love and passion to some one special Then Valentine's Day is the day for you. Do not wait for any other day, if you have been waiting for an appropriate day to say those three magical words. And what’s better then a Valentine Chocolate box.

Valentine's Day

The world celebrates different festivals and feasts through out the year. Every tribe, caste, nation, continent has their

own way of celebrating their special days. There are around 12 different religions in the world that celebrate hundreds of festivals. But one thing beyond the caste, color, nations, and continents that binds then all together is Love and Valentine's Day on 14th February is a celebration of love around the globe.

Saint Valentine is the person, whom we should thank for giving us an opportunity to express our compassion and love on this day. He was a holy saint who was given a death punishment for helping out the lovers to get married in Rome. This day is a toast to the sprit of Love. Are you ready to raise a toast this year with a valentine chocolate box.

Why Choclates

Chocolates have been one of the most popular and traditional gifts on the Valentine's Day. The chocolates are always associated with love. The mystery behind this tradition is that the chocolates are supposed to arouse romantic and sexual feelings in a person. The smell of chocolates gives you a sensual feel. Although the chocolates are a favorite of every person from every age group, it is essentially a symbol of love and desire.

You can express your desire. This is the best way to tell some one that you desire him/her more. The chocolates make your partner feel wanted and sexy as well. You can gift the valentine chocolates in different ways:

Pure chocolates: They are pure dark chocolates. Tasting a little bitter, these valentine chocolates express your passion for the person you love. They are available in different flavors like mint, orange, mango, nuts and caramel. Make sure that your sweet heart likes the flavor you select.

Cookies: The chocolate cookies are also popular as Valentine's Day gifts. Incase,

Your beau does not like pure chocolates; you can gift a pack of chocolate cookies. Bakeries have special heart shaped cookies around Valentine's Day. To make sure you get them in time, place the order in advance.

Valentines Chocolate Cake: Preparing a cake for your valentine is sure to make an impression on him/her. Making an effort yourself shows that you care and are concerned about your valentine. A heart shape cake can be made quiet easily in a microwave oven with the help of certain recipe books available in the market.

To make your chocolates more special, pack it them yourself. You can pack then in a red wrapping paper. Also you can pack them in a gift basket and tie red ribbons on the handle.

Along with a choclate box you also need.

Finding a perfect place

This is important to make the valentine chocolates tastier. Yes, a perfect place to celebrate this romantic holiday is the first criteria to be fulfilled to go ahead with other ideas. Keep the taste of your partner in mind. Every one has a different perspective of a perfect dating place. Some like it in peace whether enjoy it outside.

Booking a table in the restaurant is a good option if you plan to meet at dinner. You have great candle light dinner with violins playing in the background. A roof top restaurant gives you great view of the city and freshness as well.

Incase you and your partner can afford to go out for a day, and then plan a vacation outdoors. A resort can be a healthy option to try out. It may be bit expensive but you will get maximum out of it. The resort makes all the arrangements. You can take a Valentine's Day package where the resorts provide every thing from dinner in a great dining hall, some wonderful music to dance with your Valentine and mouth watering food.

Planning a Valentine’s Day at home is an inexpensive way to celebrate the Valentine's Day. It gives you the chance to do every thing your self for your valentine. You can decorate your room with balloons, flowers and ribbons or simple scented candles. If the creative bug bites you, you can create a great romantic atmosphere at your small place. But remember to include the most important ingredient in every thing you do, i.e. Love.


Once you find a perfect place enjoy the chocolates by keeping the half of the chocolate in your mouth and ask your partner to eat it. Then enjoy the real taste of the Valentine Chocolate.

Money is not a criterion to have a beautiful Valentine's Day gift. You can make give fabulous surprises to your valentine with the following inexpensive valentine ideas.

Make a Valentine Greeting Card: It is simple to make a greeting card. Decorate the card with red ribbons and sparkles. Just an “I LOVE YOU” on the card is enough to melt your beau’s heart out. Don’t be surprised to see tears in his\her eyes.

Write a Love Letter: Writing a love letter is still the most romantic way of expressing your love. Write every thing you like about your partner. Write about the moments when you felt closer to each other. It would greats if you can stitch the words into a poem.

Gift a Rose: How can you forget about the ROSE. A single rose can say what you could not say for a long time. You do not need a bunch of flowers; just that fresh, red rose will do it for you.

These little things along with the perfectly decorated valentine chocolate pack make a fabulous ground for your Valentine's Day celebration.

Above all : Be Genuine

If you are genuine and really love some one every valentine idea is a great idea. The mantra to make the day a special one is to let your feeling flow out of your heart. Whatever medium you choose, it should be able to convert a simple and clear message that “ I Love You”.