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As the month of February begins every year, we can see romance blossoming in the air, with decorated markets, beautiful flowers, and romantic gifts all around. These preparations and celebrations are in full swing to celebrate one of the most awaited festival, the Valentine day. Although this day, named after the saint Valentine, is supposed to be celebrated on 14th of February, but for the young and the teenagers, the whole February month is the valentine month. The day that spread with Christianity is now celebrated all across the world with vigor and excitement. Especially, with the young generation, this day is as sacred as any other festival like an Easter or a new year.

Valentine day is considered as the perfect day to express your love and feelings. People take this day as an opportunity to confide their emotions and feelings to the people they love and care for. Different individuals follow different courses to express their tender feelings to their beloveds. A romantic candle light dinner, candies, or flowers, everyone wants to do something special, for his or her beloved to show them that they are special.The basic idea for all is to convey the feelings of love and companionship in an effective way, making it difficult for the next person to say no. This day is special not only to express your feelings to someone who is not aware of it, but even to your loved ones, just to reemphasize, how much they mean to you.One of the most popular and effective way to present your feelings is by the way of some nice chocolates. A box of nicely packed valentine chocolates can say all that your heart wants to say, as it is a common perception that chocolates are symbolic of romance and passion. Nothing can melt a heart better than a valentine day chocolate. Even though these chocolates may not last long, but they can serve their purpose well by conveying your sentiments to your special one.

Valentine day, infact the whole of February month, witness the popularity of chocolates, with various different varieties of chocolates ranging from milk chocolates, dark chocolates, nutty chocolates, and chocolates truffle, occupying the market. These chocolates come in different shapes, like a heart, balloon, flower and so on, making them tempting and difficult to resist.


The most popular valentine chocolate gift ideas are:

1- A sensual combination of chocolates and strawberries can work miraculously in your love life. A gift box of beautifully decorated, chocolate-dipped strawberries can say it all that you find difficult to express through words.

2- A gift basket with a large chocolate bar, chocolate cookies, chocolate-covered caramel corn, chocolate-dipped biscotti, chocolate-covered toffee almonds, chocolate-covered grahams, chocolate-covered English toffee, and chocolate chip cookies can serve as a wonderful present for that someone special.

3- Nothing could be more romantic than gifting your beloved with the two traditional valentine gifts in one- heart shaped chocolates lying in a basket full of red roses.

4- Another perfect valentine gift can be chocolate pretzels. The crunchy and salty flavor of the pretzels, combined with yummy, mouth watering chocolates, can make it difficult for anyone to resist it.

5- Another great gift idea can be a combination of a cuddly teddy bear with inscribed words “I LOVE U”, packed with small, little heart shaped chocolates. After presenting this, you would not need words to convey your feelings to your beloved.

6- A quintessential sampling of Chocolate Caramel Kiss, Chocolate Swirl, Triple Chocolate Raspberry and White Chocolate Raspberry is sure to thrill your sweetheart to core, making it difficult for him or her to resist you. How’s that

7- If you know your lover is a chocoholic, no gift idea can beat the sweet selection of variety of Ghirardelli chocolates (including chocolate squares, non pareils and chocolate bars), chocolate covered sandwich cookies, chocolate covered espresso beans, chocolate chip cookies and a chocolate covered graham dunk. It is indeed a chocolate lover’s dream come true.

8- If your sweetheart is fitness freak, conscious of her waistline or allergic to sugar, still you have no reasons to worry with variety of sugar free chocolates gift hampers available in the gift stores. It will certainly provide her a great taste, with no nightmares and fears of gaining weight.

9- If your sweetheart is fond of music, you can surprise her by recording or buying a Cd or a cassette with her favorite numbers, packed with sweet shaped chocolates. This gift idea is sure to make her emotional and reciprocate to your feelings.

10- With your limited pocket money, if you find it difficult to afford any expensive chocolate gift pack, you can always prepare some home made chocolates, pack them in a heart shaped gift wrap. With different shapes of chocolate molds and colored chocolates available at your local market, you can add a personal touch to an ordinary box of chocolates. Add a tag or a card expressing your feelings, and I am sure, that your special efforts will effectively convey your sentiments to your sweetheart.

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Though any day can be a day to say someone “I LOVE U”, but these three words expressed on a special day like a valentine day combined with the most special symbol of love; chocolates, can be the most romantic idea to open your heart to that someone special, and tell him or her, what special place they occupy in your heart.