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What we call a “present” Is a present just a commodity I don’t think somebody will get an answer ‘yes” for that question. It is because of the fact that presents are not just commodities or some dead things. Then what are they Can we define it Yes there is of course a definition for a present which differentiate a present from a commodity. A present is anything thing which is filled with the fragrance true love, and being a stream of love and care that flows from one’s heart to other’s.

Yes the most important constituent which differentiate a present from a commodity is the enclosed feather touches of our heart in a present. Anything, let it be a piece of hay, a dried leaf or a chock piece ,whatever it may be, it can also be a good present if it is given with the true love. That is the reason that a present given by a rich person or a poor person, both are termed as presents. The value is decided not in terms of cost but the amount of its content .That content is nothing else but purely the true love. It is a fact that even priceless things can convey the messages of hearts in a poetic way. It can really convey that enclosed care, love and commitment. If a poor father gives a piece of chock to his little boy, it’s a valuable present, may be the most valuable one for that boy. It is because of the reason even that chock piece which we usually consider as cheap could convey his love and care to his child.

Presents often represent the thoughtfulness that can strengthen the bond between two people. As specified before, if the presents are the symbols of the love and care, the receiver can realize about that care and love through that present .And obviously the relationships get stronger. A present has a very important position in our life. Because one of the most important part of our life is love. And the presents are the symbols of that love. There are various forms of love. It is very hard to live without even a single form of love. Our parents, sisters, brothers, relatives, friends, life partners, valentines everybody loves us .We also love them back. If they all don’t love us then what is the meaning of our life If our parents don’t love us what will be our condition If we don’t get their care from our childhood days is it possible to become a perfect person If we don’t have any friends in this world to share anything, happiness or sorrows why we are humans The person who lacks the love are mislead to the black routes of the world. The life without love always makes criminals. And that life gets usually drowned in to mud of the world. That is the importance of love in everyone’s life. To keep, maintain and improve the strength of the love and relationships presents play an important role. We must have heard a lot of incidents how the love could change a person’s life, lift one from the world of darkness and stretched towards sunlight. Let’s see a simple imaginary example here.

Let a boy sitting near the street very sadly on a New Year day. He has no friends... Nobody is there to wish him a ”Happy New year”. When the entire world celebrates the day, no body is there to wish him .How sad he can be, we can assume that. At that moment a little child comes, kisses and wishes him “Happy New year”. How much happiness he would feel. A simple present in the form of a sweet kiss could heal the wound of a heart. Similarly presents which are capable of displaying ones heart can change the entire personality, a person’s mood, life, attitudes anything .Love can put light into ones life. That is the importance of presents in our life.

Every year, on February 14th, around the world hearts are exchanged between the loved ones, all in the name of St. Valentine. They exchange various gifts candy, flowers, greetings which can convey their love. It’s hard to find somebody who doesn’t love anybody. So the Valentine's Day gift idea is a celebration of the entire world. It doesn’t mean that only romantically inclined can celebrate this but any body who love any other can celebrate this festival. Parents and children love each other, so this festival is meant for them too.

It’s the celebration of all human relation be it family and friends Like this anybody who loves each other ,whatever may be the form of love, will celebrates this day. This Day has got a new meaning and importance in today's world. It is celebrated with great enthusiasm and excitement as a symbol of love. The February 14th is meant for signifying the essence of love. There is a valentine for us on that day. That valentine can be anybody whom we love. Mother, father, brothers, sisters, friends anybody can be our valentine. A Valentine's Day is celebrated in its full flow. How can we find a limit for our love So we can express our love in its full meaning .By exchanging various greetings, gifts, words, songs we can express that love. The presents can express our emotions instead of expressing it directly.

Finding the right Valentine day gift set is very important and which is not so easy usually. Through a present we must be able to tell them or make them realize how much we love them, care them and along with that the degree and strength of our commitment. So the present that we choose must be able to represent indirectly ourselves. The hearts of two valentines will be the closest one, than any others in the case of romantically inclined ones. So selecting a present is very important for Valentine's Day. Because the present must also be the one which is closest to our hearts. On selecting that present we must give more importance to our valentine’s likes and dislikes than our.

There are a variety of present items that we can choose on this day for our valentine. Some of the presents selected for Valentine's Day can not be usually used as presents for any other celebrations. Cards and flowers are one of the evergreen gift items for this special day. The presents given to girls and boys are differing in some manner. It is because, the tastes, likes and dislikes and attitudes of girls and boys are different .We here considering those different presentation items for males, females and the common presents too.

Girls usually like cute things such as cute little pussies, dogs, beautiful pictures, photographs, beautiful necklaces flowers etc.


Flowers on Valentine's Day

The flowers are one of the most attractive presents for girls. But the appropriate colors are to be chosen for the flowers. Long-stemmed jungle roses are capable of expressing the love in its full strength. Red roses are usually considered as the symbol of love. Others colors are used as the symbols of follows. Pale pink for grace and happiness, coral colored roses for informing about the desire, Lilac roses for first sight love White roses for purity etc... The selection of the roses for friends or family members or of any other relation red roses may not be the perfect gift. We have other choices like white, yellow, cream, peach, or a combination. Before choosing the color we must think which color will satisfy him or her to hundred percent, what is their favorite color, which type of flower they like the most, for a particular flower variety which is the favorite color. When choosing for the men in your life be it the special man in your life, or the good friend etc crisp and vivid colors are the order of the day. Red orange purple and blue will be more than just enough for them. Some men like pure cream or white flowers too. The light colors like white, red, raised, cream, lavenders peaches etc can work for girls.

The flowers can be a single one or as a bunch of flowers. If it’s a single one, long steamed flowers are preferred. Long steamed red roses are common selection for Valentine's Day. When given as a bundle the flowers must be arranged in a beautiful manner. If you know which our valentine’s favorite arrangement is, it will be better. The short steamed arch arrangements and long stemmed parallel arrangements are generally preferable. Spectacular bundle of tulips and orchids are good to be chosen. It is a good idea that accompanying the flowers is a loving message to your valentine. Just like “This flowers are nothing to compare your beauty and fragrance with”. Or the words only both of you can understand some private words, some pet names. It can be about an incident that only two of you know about. If you don’t have any or don’t know any words to write you can consult a florist who will be knowing what are the usual selections as he is got practiced with it. The flowers along with a hearty message that makes ones heart dazzling is just more than enough as a present for the Valentine's Day.


A Photograpth for Valentine's Day

You can present a photograph of you two valentines together taken at some romantic occasion, which will make you remember about some beautiful moments. The photograph can be of the some other cute picture that indirectly represents the two valentines. For example the pictures of two cute cats, female and male walking together which will be indirectly representing the valentines. This photo to be associated with some personalized words, which you think that, will make the other happy. This is then printed on a thick paper of almost A3 size. This can be a good present and the expression of your innocent love in a natural way. If the whole thing associated in the entire making such as idea, design, the message etc are a self works it will be more romantic. It can make your loved one feel you more in that present. Other choice is to sketch some pictures with a pencil, and present it which will be a present, that will be closer to the hearts.


Jewelry on Valentine's Day

Jewelry is always a very good gift idea for ladies. As most women are know to have a weakness for jewelry and believe that it makes them more beautiful, therefore it’s a better present for them. Moreover ladies usually like luxurious things. Now a day’s one is spoilt for choice due to the range of jewelry that is available in the market and having prices in as wide a range. We can select one of a particular range from this wide range. Attractive necklaces which can make her more beautiful will be a very good present to make a smile on her beautiful face. Before buying one you must be sure that the one will make her happy. You must be aware of the jewelry designs that she like. Some like plane type others like the one with more design works. Designs of jewelries from countries like Singapore, Australia, Malaysia and India are good in their design works and beauty. A present in the form of Diamonds is an incomparable present for anybody. Usually Diamonds is the first choice for most of the women. Nothing can give the beauty and attractiveness that is possessed by the diamonds.


Chocolate on Valentine's Day

The presents in the form of chocolates can be given independently or along with other gifts. Thousands of varieties of chocolates are available in different part of the world. To select one the likes and dislikes of receiver are important. Some like pure chocolaty, some like strawberry essence, coconut, milky etc. Some like mixture of two, so know which will be the loved one’s first choice. Then select it. The chocolates can be given along with flowers, greeting cards, or something else.


Wines and Delicious Food on Valentine's Day

Good wines and delicious food items are usual in the selection of presentation items. Good wines which are again filled with your love can be meant tastier for your valentine .The cakes are another usual selection in sweet items. Tasty and decorated cakes can make anybody happy irrelevant of the sex. Both men and women like cakes. Cakes are a UN avoidable in the case of family members or friends come as valentine.


Perfumes on Valentine's Day

Perfumes always can be a good choice for both men and women. Most probably there will be a favorite perfume for every one. Usually it happens that some perfumes include some scents which are attracted by an opposite sex. They are actually some hormones which if applied on ones body can attract the other sex. If we know that favorite one never waits to buy that one for your sweet heart.


Clothing on Valentine's Day

Good dress items are a major commodity in the market of presents. Girls can select shirts, pants suites, or some casual dresses for their loved ones. Lingerie are one of the common product that usually been given. But it must be taken care while selecting that you know their size. Men can also select good dresses for girls; they are different in different countries. In western countries it can be skirts, miniskirts, jeans, T-shirts etc, where in eastern countries saris, or other dresses that is suitable for their cultures. Ladies lingerie can also be a choice but remember you must know her size.


Electronic Greeting Card on Valentine's Day

For the one who is far away, an electronic greeting card is a good choice. An online chatting with them or a phone call on that day could be a happy moment for them. It is said that the love is proportional to the square of the distance between the lovers. It means that the degree of love will be incremented by the distance. So at those moments just a call can say a lot. The gift items and greetings can be sent to them by any messenger services like post offices or couriers. In that way you can express them how much you love and care them and how much you are committed. Never forget to enclose a sweat kiss along with your present. That may be the most precious one for them. We will never be able to kiss them directly. So this is the only possible way and which may not be possible always.


Music on Valentine's Day

Compact disks or DVDs with very good songs or nice movies will be a very good present for your loved ones. It will be better if you try to include very romantic songs or movies which may be capable of representing your love indirectly. Lovely romantic movies can remind your loved one about the loving and romantic moments that you had experienced together, or help them to imagine a romantic moment that can be possible in the future. We can add our own video collections, that includes the private moments were only both of you were present. Those videos that could copy the loving and unforgettable moments in life can mean a lot in a Valentine's Day. These types of video can be meant not only for lovers but for other relationships also. The loving moments let it be with our friends, family members, or lovers, it will be a very good present which will make us remember about some beautiful moments in the past. By remembering about those days we will be having a feeling that we are now living in the past and experiencing that loving moment right now.


Watches on Valentine's Day

Watches can also be very good presents during Valentine's Day celebrations. A variety of collections of watches are available in the market. W can select one from them which we think that the most suitable one for our loved one


Pets on Valentine's Day

It is a good practice to give cute pets like small kittens, puppies’ birds as valentine day’s gifts for girls. As they will make them happy for years whenever it appears in front of their eyes. The peculiarity of these presents are that they are not just kept in show cases, but will be always appeared in front of eyes as they will be roaming here and there. When ever our sweat heart watches them, they will be seeing the one who presented her that present.


Books on Valentine's Day

Informative, funny or entertainment books, can decorate their own position in the world of presents .Usually books with some romantic attitude can play a good role in making your loved one to float to some lovely dreams. Especially if the person is having the habit of reading. Try to select a book which is of their taste. Or select a book that you think that will be useful for their works or studies. The books can be novels, poems short stories or some scientific or literature books


Misc. Items on Valentine's Day

Some miscellaneous things that are used in the day today’s life are common in the form of presents in the day of loving hearts. The examples are CD pouches computers, CD players. Mobile phones of your same model or their favorite model, helmets, lipsticks, makeup sets, vanity bags, hand bags, laptop computers, pen, bracelets, hair clips, musical instruments like violins, guitars etc can work there. Boys usually like the things which are usually useful in nature. It can range from a simple CD pouch to some great costly vehicles. Sometimes only a simple kiss from their loved one is a great present for him. Pens, bracelets, books, speaker systems watches, mobile phones, helmets, CD albums etc are the usual presents given to male friends. Ladies are again grouped on the basis of likes and dislikes. Some like costly luxurious objects such as luxurious diamond jewelers, cars, luxurious watches etc. Some like animals or birds, some like good valuable books, some like daily using objects like mobile phones, lipsticks, vanity bags etc. Some like traveling, some like an outing and dinner as a present from their loved ones. If you are a man and you really think that you are rich you can buy a luxurious car for your loved one. You can see thousands suns are glowing at her face...


A Valentine's Day Message

The messages attached with the presents are actually more important than the presents itself. Some lovely words which can touch the hearts from its hardcore is always very important at any occasion, especially in Valentine's Day, where hearts come closer. It is a more efficient way to express our love. We can express even those things through these messages that were unable to articulate in presents. We can include some common messages that are usually used by all, or some private words for which only two of you are owners. She or he may be having some pet names, or some other names that are used by us ourselves to address her. By adding these names in the messages, it really gets closer to the heart. And a virtual heart is indirectly implemented in that present. We can fill the messages with the memories of some private moments too, the most lovely moments when each other had enjoyed a lot, or experienced one another’s love in the highest degree.

First of all we must know the person before selecting a present. We must know their likes and dislikes first, whom we want to take into our life or whom we have already been taken. When selecting a present its not important how much it is good but it’s ultimately important how much it is liked by that person. In our eyes a particular thing may be a worst thing, or a useless thing, but if it is a very precious for the receiver, then we must choose that one. If a present is very much liked by us doesn’t make much sense if it’s not a good one for the receiver.

If you really want to make the Valentine's Day unforgettable arrange a trip together to some lovely places. If your valentine is a family member you can take the family itself for the trip. If your sweat heart is your valentine then only you two must be there for this journey. Don’t you think walking through the shore of the sea in the dawn with your sweat heart, where a breeze that pats us with its magical hands to tell us you are lucky to get one like her or him for you.. A dawn when all the birds and animals come back to their living places along with their loved ones is really a romantic moment for humans too. To watch the sun who is about to sink into that sea, and making an art at the horizon with the combination of some colors and your love will be definitely an unforgettable time which will not be erased from the special memories in the heart Then have a dinner together with your favorite food talking to each other and experiencing some lovely memories. Nothing in the world can be compared to that beautiful day, that beautiful present, in the whole life. It will the most important Valentine's Day present for them.

Presents are living objects which don’t breath. They are capable of telling the whole content of ones heart to another .They can convey the love in a very beautiful manner, better than anything else can do .Know him or her, first. Know what she or he likes. Then select a present, which is the one which u thinks the closest to her or his heart. Let this Valentine's Day a loved one for all.