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What we call a “present” Is it just a commodity I don’t think somebody will get an answer ‘yes” for that question. It is because of the fact that presents are not just commodities. Then what are they Can we define it Yes there is of course a definition for a present which differentiate a present from a commodity. A present is anything thing which is filled with the fragrance love, and being a stream of love and care that flows from one heart to other Anything let it be a piece of hay, it can also be the best present if it is filled with the scent of true love.

It’s a fact that by giving a present the relations got strengthen. So a present has a very important position in our life.

Because one of the most important part of our life is love. Our parents, sisters, brothers, uncles, aunts, relatives, friends, life partner everybody loves us .We also love them back. If they all don’t love us then what is the meaning of our life If our parents don’t love us what will be our condition If we don’t have any friends in this world to share anything why we being a human That is the reason that love is very important in our life. And to keep, maintain and improve the strength of the love and relationship, presents play an important role. Presents are the symbols of how much we care about a person.Let a boy sitting near the street very sadly on a New Year day. He has no friends. Nobody is there to wish him a”Happy New year”. When the entire world celebrates the day, no body is there to wish him .How sad he can be we can assume that. At that moment a little child comes, kisses and wishes him “Happy New year”. How much happy he will be. A simple present in the form of a sweet kiss can change a person’s mood, life, attitudes anything.

That is the importance of presents in our life.Valentine's Day is a day that is reserved for those who have given the hearts to each other, who want to share a life, who is already sharing it. Their hearts will be the closest one, than any others. So selecting a present is very important for Valentine's Day. Because the present must also be the one which is closest to our hearts. By giving that present we are going to inform her or him how much we love them how much we care about them. When we inform them how much we care them through a present we must select the one which is capable of expressing that love and care. On selecting that present we must give an importance to their likes and dislikes than our likes and dislikes.The tastes for girls and boys are different. Girls usually like cute things such as cute little pussies, dogs, beautiful pictures, photographs, beautiful necklaces etc. Ladies are again grouped on the basis of likes and dislikes. Some like costly luxurious objects such as luxurious diamond jewelers, cars, luxurious watches etc. Some like animals or birds, some like good valuable books, some like daily using objects like mobile phones, lipsticks, vanity bags etc. Some like traveling, some like an outing and dinner as a present from their loved ones.Boys usually like the things which are usually useful in nature. It can range from a simple CD pouch to some great costly vehicles. Sometimes only a simple kiss from their loved one is a great present for him. Pens, bracelets, books, speaker systems watches, mobile phones, helmets, CD albums etc are the usual presents given to male friends.So we must know the person first before selecting a present. We must know his likes and dislikes first, whom we want to take to our life or whom we have already been taken. When selecting a present its not important how much it is good but it’s ultimately important how much it is liked by that person. In our eyes a particular thing may be a worst thing, or a useless thing, but if it is a very precious for the receiver, then we must choose that one. If a present is very much liked by us doesn’t make much sense if it’s not a good one for the receiver. Presents are living objects which don’t breath. They are capable telling the whole content of ones heart to another .They can convey the love in a very beautiful manner, better than anything else can do .Know him or her, first. Know what she or he likes. Then select a present, which is the one which u thinks the closest to her or his heart. Let this Valentine's Day a loved one for all.