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Welcome to Valentine's Day essentials. As Valentine's Day is round the corner once more, with flowers, chocolates and gifts let's take a look the secrets of this day. Be knowledgably about the facts that tell the story behind the Valentine's Day. Know what Valentine symbols hold for us.

So on this Valentine as your feeling reaches out to your sweetheart, let this old but valuable jewelry piece give the perfect gift for your sweetheart. Let us get acquainted with the best facts on Valentine's Day.

Valentine Cards

  • Every year something like 1 billion Valentine cards are posted to people all over the world. Subsequent to Christmas it's a single prevalent seasonal card-sending occasion.

  • Teachers are the highest recipients of Valentine's Day cards, after them comes the number of children, mothers, wives, and then, sweethearts. Children in the age group of 6 to 10 years exchange more than 650 million Valentine's cards with teachers, classmates, and family members.

    Valentine Flowers-Rose

  • More or less 73% of people who buy Valentine's Day flowers are men, whereas only 27 percent women buy flowers.

  • A solitary ideal red rose surrounded with baby's breath known as a "signature rose," and is the favored choice for most for giving on Valentine's Day.

  • The red rose known to be the significantly valued flower of Venus, the Roman goddess of love. The color red signifies strong romantic feelings making the red rose the flower of love.


  • Cupid is an illustration of Valentine's Day. Cupid was associated with Valentine's Day as he was the son of Venus, the Roman god of love and beauty. Cupid often come into view on Valentine cards and gift tokens holding a bow and arrows as he is believed to use magical arrows to stimulate feelings of love.

    Love Letters and Poems

  • Verona the Italian city where Shakespeare's play lovers Romeo and Juliet resided, receives about 1,000 letters every year sent to Juliet on Valentine's Day.

  • The oldest existing love poem till date is written in a clay tablet from the times of the Sumerians, who invented writing, around 3500 B.C.

    Bear your Heart on your Sleeve

  • In medieval times young men and women took out a chit to know the names from a bowl to see who would be their Valentine. They would wear this name pinned on their sleeves for one week. This was done so that it becomes easy for other people to know your true feelings. This was known as "to wear your heart on your sleeve".

    Valentine Gifts

  • On February 14th wooden love spoons were imprinted and given as gifts on Valentine's Day in Wales. Hearts, keys and keyholes were much loved Valentine decorations on the wooden spoons. This Valentine adornment meant, "You unlock my heart!"

  • The most good-looking and astonishing gift of love is the monument Taj Mahal in India. Built on the orders of Mughal Emperor Shahjahan as a monument to his wife it stands as the symbol of the eternal love story. Work on the Taj Mahal started in 1634 and finished after almost 22 years and required the labor of 20,000 workers from all over India and Central Asia.

  • In America, the travelers had the habit of sending confections, such as sugar wafers, marzipan, sweetmeats and sugar plums, to their affianced. Lot of importance was placed on these gifts because they incorporated what was then a rare product, sugar. Sweet gifts have continued to be cherished and enjoyed till date.

  • The original Valentine's Day gifts were candies. The most well-known were chocolates in heart shaped boxes.

  • A exceptionally exclusive thing which is relished by women throughout the world is Jewelry. During the season of valentine you get beautiful heart shaped pendants, ear rings, tops, bracelets and many more items. If you don't want to give your beloved the gift of ring you can give her a gift of bracelet in which hearts are joined together. Jewelry is hot selling item and is a sure shot favorite of all.


  • Lace is interconnected with love and romance from a long time. Early on times a woman would drop her handkerchief in front of the man she liked. This was meant to be a type of indication to him encouraging him to advance towards her. If he picked it up an introduction could be made. Lace has always been part of women's handkerchiefs, and it has from that time been associated to romance.

    The Valentine Heart

  • The heart is coupled to Valentine's Day as it is the source of all human emotions. The tradition of drawing a heart shape is thought to have come from early efforts to draw an organ that no one had seen. The figure came on to become as a sign of love.

  • The heart has been the most well-known icon of romantic love over the centuries. Ancient cultures had the ides that the human soul lived in the heart. The heart may be linked with love as it was believed by the ancient Greeks believed it was the goal of Eros, known as Cupid to the Romans. Red color is considered as most romantic as the heart is closely associated to love. But golden hearts are easily available in all jewelry stores and are a favorite of everyone.


  • Lovebirds are often connected with Valentine's Day. These lovebirds are found in Africa and are brightly colored and sit very close together with their mates, giving them their name.

  • Doves also form a part of the Valentine tradition. Doves signify love and loyalty as they mate for life. Pair of doves goes halves in taking care of all their babies.

  • In olden times some people used to believe that if a woman saw a robin flying overhead on the Valentine's Day then it would mean she would marry a sailor. If she saw a sparrow it would mean she would marry a poor man and be very happy. However if she saw a goldfinch then she would marry a millionaire.

  • Now a days you will see jewelry in the shape of these birds which are very popular.

    Love knots

  • The twisting loops have no beginnings or ends so are famous as love knots. In olden times, they were made of ribbon or drawn on paper to prove ones eternal love. Now you can get them in gold silver platinum or other semi precious metals with precious or semi precious stones engraved in them.