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As the February knocks the door with ‘Valentine Day’ love starts floating in air, it can be felt in the hearts and seen in your beloved’s smile. The magical word of Love do its rounds in your heart and soul and you get ready to fall in love again with your valentine. As you hear the word valentine the first thing you can think of is your beloved and the next thing follows is the ‘gift of love’ for your some one special. And nothing expresses your feelings and emotions better than a precious jewelry piece, reflecting beauty and radiance of your love in its sparkles. To adorn your beloved with an eternal piece of valentine jewellery not only makes your valentine special but each day a special day.

Jewelry as a gift

Jewelry has been a very popular gift since ancient times. It is gifted as a token of love to the loved ones. The reason behind it has been its permanence character, something that remains with you for as long as you want to keep it. Its brilliance gives a sense of longevity to love affair and romance. Diamonds, gold, platinum or silver, studded with semi precious or precious stones brings a joy of colors to the already colorful world of Love. From a wide array of rings, earrings, pendants, bangles, bracelets to anklets, all make a perfect piece of love for your Love on a V Day. Designs on the jewelry can vary from traditional designs, little red or pink hearts or colored stones, to an exotic contemporary crafted design, making the jewelry piece a perfect gift for the occasion. Jewelry is a very popular gift among the lovers; the valentine jewelry gift is like a blessing for an eternal relationship with radiance and brilliance like the jewelry.

How to make it special

Gift in itself is a special thing for the one who receives it, but if its a valentine gift it carries its own emotions and values to it. So on the special V Day you can make your V Day gift special too. All you need to do is add on your little creativity and element of fun and you can see the smile in the eyes of your beloved as they receive it.

Ask you partner to accompany you to make his/her own choice of gift. Or you can do a trick of taking her/him out on a shopping spear saying that you want to do some shopping for your family member and whatever he/she picks you gift them on the valentine.

Leave no stone unturned in presenting the gift, whether it’s with the help of a good quality wrapping paper or an expensive decorated box. The jewellery you gift should look distinct as it has been made especially for the one you love. Another option can be that you gift the jewellery in a sleek and studded jewelry box.

Buy a pendent and engrave yours and your partners name on it, this would indeed make it special and will always remain close to his/her heart. You can also go for engravings like ‘I love you’, ‘you are my Valentine’ and ‘will you marry me’

Another option can be of a bracelet with little hearts or stars hanging in it with a little picture of you and your partner in it.

Such personalized gifts indeed make the gifting more special not only for the one who receives it but also for the one who gifts.

How to pick the right kind of valentine jewelry

A gift speaks louder than the words and so as a beautiful, enchanting, Jewelry speak aloud about your love. The sparkling, twinkling, shimmering jewelry gifts are to treasure for lifetime, so making a right selection of the eternal piece becomes the prime concern. If you go for gifting diamond, gold, platinum or precious stone jewelry it can charge you a bomb but yes the durability and its beauty speaks its value. But apart from the expensive lot you have option of picking up artificial or silver piece of jewelry with semi precious stones, which can also give a sparkling smile on your valentine’s face. The jewelry can be any thing from a ring to a pendant but needs to be beautiful, stylish and elegant with latest design, which suit your beloved. Make sure you know your beloved’s taste well before you decide to buy jewellery for her. It shouldn’t be a mismatch that if she likes diamonds you give her Junkies.

From where to pick the right jewellery

As the valentine is round the corner lot of jewelers and shops hold special discounts and offers on the valentine jewellery and gifts. You get to pick some really good stuff in these offers, which are good in quality and affordable too. But still one must take utmost care in picking up the right stuff. Don’t get carried away with the sparkle and shines. Before paying money check the quality. It would be preferable if you go for a good branded stuff from a good shop. Don’t forget to get a receipt or bill and a guarantee card (if provided) as that would help in exchange of the piece if found faulty.

Shopping on Websites

The valentine offers can also be availed on online shopping from various sites. For online shopping again take a good look at the nitty-gritty’s of the product you choose to buy and then finally decide to go for it.

For approaching Valentine here are some websites with good offers on beautiful jewellery pieces for your special man or special woman:

Valentine is just like any other normal day, but what makes it more special is that on this day you can tell your loved ones that how much you love them. And these small gestures of gifting tell them how very special they are in your life. So go on showering your love, keeping the loving strings alive with a special gift for your beloved this valentine.