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Love has come to you, donít close your eyes. This Valentineís Day give an everlasting gift to your sweetheart. Fall in love once again. The largest feeling that makes us perfect human beings, the attachment thatís common among all living beings Ė LOVE.

My little world gets filled with lots of thoughts, smiles, music and happiness on every 14th day of February. Itís the day when an angel revisited our planet with lots of dreams, and love. The Angel who has captivated the fragrance of love, the celebration, the essence, the greatest madrigal, and each heart that falls in love.

ďLove is giving. When you love a person you just keep on giving, and the moment you start expecting, the love vanishes. The moments become empty, and there only exists a pseudo feeling. Love exists only when it is about giving. Look in my eyes, can you see something Look deeply. I have felt the bliss, just by your touch (inside my heart). See carefully, and you will see that I am fallen in love with you. Ask anything from your lover tonight, and this crazy, mad lover will give you everythingĒ, said the beautiful girl holding my hands, surrounded by vast field, and plants blooming around. It was not a fairytale, it was real.

I have felt her, understood her and touched her deeply in her heart. I have seen her heart, and all I could see was a lovely flower. Her eyes were shining, and her voice echoed truth, and innocence. Softly blowing cold air could touch her face, and only silence prevailed. Love is this endless process, which goes on growing and growing. Love becomes stronger with time, just like old wine. Love opens all doors, which take you on to explore your inner self.

And on this day of love, tell your sweetest heart, how deeply you love her/him. Give yourself for the day to your loved one. Let only love speak. I want to share some ideas for this Valentineís Day. Donít just read them, but understand them, and implement them with your fullest heart.

If your loved one is a busy person, and rarely gets time for anything else, turn her/his working place into the cupidís playground. Send in lots of flowers at her/his place of meetings, and sign each of them with different ďpetĒ names, she/he uses for you. Donít feel shy in expressing your love in front of her/his colleagues. Try all your office fantasies. Grab her/him in middle of the work, and give her/him a wild kiss, and then move out of the office.

Prepare your Valentineís Day plans well in advance. Work hard on the previous weekend, and finish off all your important works, so you can remain relaxed and out of work on the day of your honey. Apply for leave (if you are an employee), and write ďAm in love, and this day is very important for meĒ as reason in the application!

Spend most of the time, when your honey is at work, preparing for the evening. Arrange colored candles, roses, satin bed sheet, wine, perfumes, massage oil, and everything that comes to your mind. Try to make some gift, rather purchasing something from a gift shop. Leave your signature. If you are a writer or a poet, create something sensational. Get crazy for your lover.

Get some of the finest music, which your honey loves. Include your own selection.

Visit your honeyís office, and pretend to be a client, and talk about her/his company offers, and services. Donít forget to include some romantic lines in the conversation.

Do something crazy. Propose her in a public place. Let everybody stare at you both. Donít think about anything else except her, and donít care about the peopleís reactions. You love her from the bottom of your heart, then why scared to express it

Take efforts, and get the most erotic movie, novel or anything seductive, and prepare for the evening show. Massage your honey properly before you start on the movie, or reading the novel together. Just hold each other closely, and visualize yourself in the movie or novel characters.

Try to recall your honeyís fantasies. Get yourself all the necessary things to play out your honeyís lifetime fantasies.

Get your hairstyle and color changed from the best stylist in the city. Make sure you look exactly the way your honey likes. Get yourself dressed as a ďrock starĒ, and perform live for your honey.

Call your friends staying abroad. Send them a hand written love letter for your honey, and ask them to resend it to your honeyís address. Make sure the friends you send the letter are the ones you trust, and will not read whatís written in it! This will give your honey a shock, as the letter has come from somewhere, he/she canít even guess of you been going. There are many services of this kind who repost your letters. Search them out over the internet.

Request your honey for a date, and take her/him to the most romantic place you have ever known. If you donít find a romantic place, create one.

If you are not a singer, hire a private band exclusively for your honey, and arrange a private show just for the two of you.

Think of some new games which have lots of physical interaction. Give a sudden shock to your honey, by kissing her/him wildly, and all of a sudden, the moment you get some privacy.

IF you are not going anywhere, spend the whole day together. Do everything together. Brush your honeyís teeth, give him/her a nice shower, stay in the bathtub for hours, play with each otherís bodies, let your honey be the autograph/message book, and leave your autographs, and love message over her/his body, stare each other for a long time, before kissing tell him/her that this is going to be the longest kiss, try not to end the kiss, kiss your honey in different styles, prepare food together, do almost everything that comes to your mind.

Donít leave your honey alone for a single moment. Remember this day is only for love, so donít let anything enter.

All I want to say is, if you love someone, donít hesitate in expressing your love. Go to the extremes, cross all boundaries, and let only and only the love stay. If you still have not found your love, or just had a breakup, donít lose heart. In fact, you have time to still love yourself. Buy fascinating gifts for yourself. Keep your mind and heart filled with love, and remain happy. Give a smile to strangers, give away flowers to strangers, help out your friend in celebrating the day, start your day by making somebodyís day beautiful. Donít feel jealous when you see the celebrations largely. Be a part of it, you will sure find out somebody who is as alone as you. Donít wait, go ahead and ask for company. Donít get too personal though. Keep it clean, and avoid a ďOne night standĒ at any cost. Being alone on Valentineís Day is as good as being with your loved one. Everything lies in your way of thinking, and your heart.