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The flora, chocolate box, greetings…. they are all flooding your emails. But, why Simply because, the Valentine's Day is approaching on the wheels of time. And they are really moving fast. Are you all set for one to watch out quixotic days in the year Oops.. I must make you familiar with the origin and traditions of Valentine's Day first. Then you would be able to answer me in a better manner. So here I go.

The first question in your mind at the moment is “FROM WHERE DID THIS DAY ARRIVE”

The Valentine's Day landed all through Rome to the entire planet. The places where it cast an early spell in lover’s life are England and the USA. Although, today you cannot disassociate any part of the world from this “all lovers” day.

The history of Valentine's Day is no fewer then an obscurity. It is believed to be celebrated as homage to a holy saint named Valentine. He was the patron who helped Roman soldiers to be tied in wedlock forever. He advocated the fact the love is above every ruler and religion. And his stroke of luck for aficionados became the ground for his bereavement. He was penalized and martyred by a Roman Emperor.

Yes, I am approaching to the obscurity element. There is a mention of three Saint Valentines in the Roman Era. From certain archeological evidence, we are able to believe that the Devine saint who was killed by a Roma monarch played the cupid we are talking about.

Now the second query you want to resolve is “ HOW DID IT BECOME SO POPULAR AROUND THE GLOBE”

During the early Roman era, the Romans celebrated February 15th as homage to the God of fertility, fields and the flocks. The God was known as Fanus for whom this festival called Lupercal Was being celebrated in the entire Rome. In the year, 494 AD, Pope Gallesius stopped the celebrations. But the fiesta left its veneer on the saint Valentine's Day. And thus saint Valentine's Day became an alternative to please the fertility Gods.

One of the traditions of the Lupercal Festival was, that the boys used to pick up the name of girls from a bowl. The couple was supposed to court through out the year. And this was the foundation of merriment of adoration matured during a year on a meticulous day. The messages exchanged between the couple became the foundation of traditional Valentine's Day cards.

The valentine’s cards or love messages had a major contribution to the mammoth popularity of Valentine's Day. Close to the 1780’s, they were pleasurably accredited in Germany and its contiguous states.

The United States of America fêted Valentine's Day by way of cards in the 19th century. A lady named Escher Holand brought Valentine cards to the US in 1854. And the invasion of Valentine's Day to the rest of the world is the product f excellent marketing and advertising. The ad world nevertheless is edificing a gigantic remuneration out of it. But it is besides, amalgamating the earth by reverence, calculatingly or by coincidence.

And now you would be thinking “HOW TO CELEBRATE VALENTINES THIS YEAR”

Hummm… now you have to think about it. Are you really ready to celebrate Valentine's Day You must have seen the advertisements and banners; you must have come across the special valentine offers. So, what are you waiting for Too many questions… I have the solution.

To make your valentine feel special, biggest gift is undivided attention to him/her. With this bequest, you also necessitate various petite gesticulations of love. Some things that can say what you want your love to hear. The gift can be a bunch of red roses to say “I Love You”, it can be a greeting card that makes him/her feel special. A box of chocolates is furthermore an impressive endowment to add sugar to the resilience of love.

Spaced out from these offerings, lay down the precise pitch for the event. Opt a situate where two of you experience console. Being there in a Valentine's Day bash may perhaps be immense excitement if you are “party type”. And incase you are looking for calmness; a rooftop table with candle light dinner is one of the most romantic ideas to celebrate.


Cash is not the gauge to expend unforgettable moment with your treasured ones. Even if you cannot buy a diamond ring, a flower basket, a pack of Swiss chocolates or even a rose, your love must be reflected. Yes, these amazing days are not a promotion attention-grabber. Like you have mother’s day, father’s day, you have this Valentine's Day. This day means telling your loved ones that you really care about them.

The date can be a splendid commencement of a staggering acquaintance. All you need to have is just love, compassion, passion, affection and care out in your eyes. Make a valentine greeting your self and write in several different languages” I Love you”. I know some…Just write these and notice the reaction. You will not be surprised to see a pearl or tear dropping on his\her cheek.

Japanese: Watakushi-wa anato-wo aishimasu (WA-ta-SHE-was an-A-ta-o-ah-e-she-MA-sue)

German: Ich liebe dich (eeksh Lee-beh deeksh)

Italian: Io ti amo (e-o tee A-moh)

Spanish: Yo te amo (yoh te A-moh)

French: Je t'aime (jeh TE-mm)


No matter in whichever language you say, the essence of the words will also convey the message of love and passion. And Deity has gifted you with an exceptional rendezvous to say this. This is a day when you have kind of have permission and opportunity to show your fondness to the person you are fond of.

I am sure that you may have got the solution to your queries about the Valentine's Day. So, learn these answers and score a ton on the Valentine's Day ahead.