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Valentine’s Day is in the air as Feb. 14th approaches. We must thank Saint Valentine, who advocated Love. He sacrificed his life for love. The Roman Emperors were against the marriage of Roman Soldiers. This holy saint played Cupid and helped them getting married. But his work was not liked by the Emperor and got martyred. 14th February is celebrated as Valentine's Day to pay respect to the Saint of Love. Catholic history has three Valentines in records. It is confusing to pin point about the right Saint Valentine. But a majority of historians advocate that the Saint who was killed for helping in the Roman soldiers marriages in the Saint Valentine from 3rd century BC.

Will you be my valentine

Most of you have used this sentence to propose to your eye candy. But do you know why it is that you say this on Valentine's Day The answer to settle your curiosity, when Saint Valentine spent his imprisonment before his death punishment, he fell in love with the jailor’s daughter. Seems quiet interesting, now he writes a love letter to the dame and finishes it with the signatures “From Your Valentine”. Since then the word Valentine is being used to denote the lover or beloved.

Every girl wants to hear these words from her lover. And every lover waits anxiously for the Valentine's Day, to whisper these words, holding the hands of his girl. Saint Valentine has set a tradition, which every lover follows religiously. And it will be followed as it is for coming years as well.

Interesting valentine traditions

• Several hundred years back in England, little kids used to dress up as adult men and women. They used to go door to door and said these verses:

Good morning to you, valentine;

Curl your locks as I do mine---

Two before and three behind.

Good morning to you, valentine.

• If a woman sees a sparrow on Valentine's Day, she will be married to a poor man but will remain happy. If she sees a ribbon flying in the sky, she will be a spouse of a sailor and incase she manages to sight a gold fish, she gets married to a millionaire.

• If a girl accepts any gift especially clothing from a young man, this means that she has accepted to marry the man.

• If you blow the seeds on a dandelion on Valentine's Day, the remaining seeds are the number of children you are going to have.

• Cognize five to six names. Recite the names while twisting the stem of an apple. The name on which the stem breaks on Valentine's Day will be your life partner.

Valentine's Day today

The society has come a long way since the Valentine's Day was officially introduced to 1800 years ago. The Valentine's Day was originally celebrated to pay homage to the Saint Valentine who got stoned in the grave for his not so likable deeds by a dictator in Rome. Today, the Valentine's Day has a different color and flavor all together. Every part of world has a bunch of young seeds waiting to germinate this day.

Well, the modern day lovers see this day as a romantic holiday. They make it a point to make this day, memorable one for the lifetime. Apart from the European and American countries, it is also quiet popular in Asia. Thanks to the marketing world that encourages the lovers to lighten their pocket on this particular day. You have a variety of valentine Cards, flowers and other gifts to choose from.

If your Valentine likes soft things, then Valentine songs and poems are also there to mesmerize the evening. You are sure to get good discounts on all the gifts you choose.

Access to these gifts is quiet simple. Just wait for the Valentines Month to arrive and you will find shops and markets flooded with Valentine's Days gifts. Every one has something to purchase from the market. Just land in the market and find a suitable gift with in your budget.

In today’s cyber world, you can get your gift delivered at the desired destination with the click of a mouse. So, grab that mouse and roll it all over the online shopping carts. You have the perfect gift for your sweetheart without scanning the markets. But if you need some guidance, go through these simple steps to make it a very special day.

How to make this Valentine's Day special for your valentine

Love is there in every single breath you take. It is there every minute, every second and every moment of life. But you need to tell the person that you really love and care for him\her. Follow these simple steps to make the day for your heart’s permanent resident.

2. You must be having the movie tickets of the first movie you saw together, wrapper of that candy, that rose, the gift wrap of your first gift and many more tokens of your memories. Bring them together on a scrapbook by creating a collage.

3. Make the Gift more interesting by packing it into multiple boxes. If you are a spacious place drop clues about the gift at different corners of the room. Let your partner guess about the gift.

4. What can be more romantic and alluring then a love letter Mention things like what attracted you first about him\her, how important your valentine is to you. Write the letter on a scented paper with a glittering ink pen.

5. If you are finding it difficult to be in the relationship due to past chaos, remember the golden rule: Stop Thinking About The Past. Promise yourself that you would never think of past and try to make the future more beautiful.

6. Record a CD of your favorite romantic songs that express you, and gift it to your partner.

7. Make your partner speak about his/her dreams. Share the most intimate moments. Try to fulfill at least one dream of your Valentine on Valentine's Day.

8. If you cannot afford to go out, invite your Valentine to your home. Watch a romantic movie together and serve him/her the special food you made yourself.