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On the February 14th air dances with élan, sunrays frolic with delight, flowers sway with verve, and birds chirp with ecstasy. And when the nature participates with its total existence, the charm of Valentine's Day can get only magnanimous. This day provides a great opportunity to win and lose hearts through expression of love. Moreover, for a large part, success rate of courtships depends on styles adopted to express love emotions.

Gift is one such tool that makes the style of expression graceful and lovable. Despite being reticent in nature, they speak volumes about the sentiments possessed in the heart for the recipients. And when jewels are expressive means to convey one's affection, the éclat of gift increases manifold.

Jewelries, with their definitive royal feel, have besotted human beings since time immemorial. In the ancient stages of human evolution, people used nails, bones, and feathers of ferocious creatures as jewels to adorn and express themselves. So, today's human penchant for gems, metals, and pearls is just a step ahead in acknowledging the jewels' import in enhancement of expressive physical and mental personality. That's why, when it comes to express emotions of love in a tasteful style, jewels are the ultimate choice.

Valentine jewel types:

Jewelries impart a regal aura to the whole phenomenon of presenting gifts. And there is

no other way as majestic as jewel gifts to tell your valentine that how deeply you care for

him/her. From necklace to pendants, bangles to bracelates, and rings to earrings, jewels transmute your affection and dedication into a tangible elegance.

Here are some glittering descriptions on various jewel options to present the queen of your heart on a valentine's day.


Encrusted with Diamonds and Pearls, necklaces play a pivotal role in enhancing the beauty of women's neck and overall appearance. On a valentine's day, when beauty of your lovely lady is at the center stage of your maximum utterances, necklace is an awesome gift to complement her beauty.


Heart is the best shape available for pendants to chain romance through it. Diamond, Ruby and Gold pendants are resplendent ways to stun your sweetie pie on the valentine's youthful ambience. The pictures of you and your beloved will be icing on the cake as far as the charismatic appeal of pendants is concerned.


Bracelets, beaded with Diamonds, Pearls, and Glass stones, are sparkling magic to captivate your valentine with the sincerity of your love. Here again a heart fitted on the bracelets would magnify the romantic appeal of the gift. Silver bracelets with love knots, Silver bracelets with crystal sterling and bracelets with Platinum sheen are too nice options to give heed to while weighing gift presenting gestures for a Valentine's Day.


Bangles of gold and silver with meticulously engraved "I Love You" on them convey message of love distinctly. Strings of beaded pearls dangling to bangles double the charm of clinking bangles. So, this valentine's day express your love with bright bangles.


Rings are sine qua non elements in marriages to cement a relationship. So, its importance is huge as far as giving a decisive bend to a relationship is concerned. And, if you are thinking that it is high time you turned your love affair into a lifelong commitment, rings are one and only gift section to turn to.

Rings of polished Diamond, Emeralds, and Tanzanites are scintillating and imperial ways to imbue responsibility of romance in your relationship.


Earrings are intrinsic part of ladies' make up kit. They justify elegance of beauteous female faces in entirety. Earrings encrusted with excellence of Topaz, perfection of Pearls, and luxury of diamonds can light up eyes of any women or girls on a valentine's day. Petite half-carat Diamond studs, delicate Diamond swirl earrings and ornate Gold chandelier earrings proffer a great vehicle to bead sensuality with translucent gems and resplendent metals for a Valentine's Day gift.

Jewelry for men:

Though jewels are mostly associated with the conception of women accessory, there is a considerable chunk of men who relish the sparkles of shiny jewels. If your beau is one of those who like jewel zest, the following jewel types will be useful for your gift efforts related to Valentine's Day.


Pendants are a unisex gift item. You can always decide on a heart-shaped gold pendant or an arrowhead silver pendant to present your boy friend or handsome husband on a valentine's day. Diamond studded pendants with Gold chain is a striking combination to gift your debonair darling on the exciting Valentine's Day moments.


When gems like Diamond and Sapphire are embedded with luster of Gold, a stunning piece of petite jewel – called ring—appears. Gold rings fixed with brilliance of stones like Diamond and Sapphire create a manly feel for the ornament. Surprise him with your quality of taste by presenting him a stunning piece of solitaire on this Valentine's Day.

Cufflinks and tie clips of Silver:

A set of silver love knot cufflinks can add panache to the drab office attires of your hubby. A silver love knot tie clip can add to the snazzier look of your darling's over all dress-up at any formal meetings or social gatherings.

Key chain and cuff Bracelets of Silver:

These Silver key chains and cuff bracelets are less gaudy and more impressive as jewels gifts to present men on Valentine's Day. Key chains with your name engraved like: With love from Jane, and cuff bracelets with a Silver heart situated on it are nice ways to attach your existence with your special man for maximum hours of the day.

Some tips on how to startle your Valentine with Jewel gifts:

When gifts are presented with a twist of surprise, the exhilaration of receiving a gift doubles. Here are some ways to amaze your valentine on the lovely occasion of Valentine's Day.

1) The first spectacle of the morning:

Present fancy paper wrapped gift as first sight of the morning and see his her/ sleepy eyes opening wide with astonishment.

2) At dinner in a restaurant:

Ask her out for a romantic candle light dinner and amidst the soft and dim lights of candles surprise her with your shining jewelry gift.

3) Present her, her choice:

Always pay great attention as to what are her likes and dislikes when she talks about them in general chatting with you. Present her with her favorite piece of jewels on the Valentine's Day and be prepared to see smile on her lips and tears on her eyes. Moments of unqualified joy, aren't they

4) A day prior to Valentine's Day:

Flabbergast your loved one with a small packet of gift left on his /her office desk, one day before the Valentine's Day. A little note of "I Love You" with your name will be a source of utter happiness for your valentine.

5) Towel drawer surprise:

If you can't wake up early in the morning, arrange for a surprise a night prior to Valentine's Day itself. Put your decorated gift box in the towel-drawer of bathroom. When your valentine opens the door of drawer after bathing, he/she can't stop admiring you for you sweet effort.