Gift Your Valentine

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Shopping for the ideal Valentine’s Day gift for your valentine is almost certainly the most daunting task. Finding a wonderful, but an economical gift requires a combination of time, effort, creativity, and thought for that gift.

Remember that the day is all about love, affection, romance, and appreciation, and most people expect all of that emotions to be expressed through your gift. The gift you choose will not only confirm your feelings and your level of commitment for her/him, but will reflect how much you care for them. So while choosing your gift, you must put a lot of thought into it. The meaning of your gift will differ according to the relationship level and seriousness of the relationship you're in. But whatever may be the type of relationship, remember one basic rule of gift giving, always give them something they want and not something you want to give them.

Try to find a special present that they will cherish forever. But you need to understand that the perfect gift does not

always require you to cough up large sums of money. Even a simple, economical, creative gift can mirror your sentiments in the most effective way.

When you are completely baffled and are not sure what to give them, the best thing to do would be to keep your ears open for any hints that he/she will be giving you about what gift they may want for Valentine’s Day. You can even get them a gift that is related to their interest/hobbies. Because when it comes to gifts, it is truly the thought that counts.

Let’s now look at some gift ideas that will be appreciated and things that will never let you down and are sure winners.

Traditional Gifts Flowers

Flowers are the time-honored gifts that can work wonders. But remember to add your personal touch to make that simple gift extra special. You can order intricate arrangements or choose special exotic flowers to convey your feelings or you can even choose flowers that will match the personality of your valentine. You can send flowers to his/her workplace or leave them at his/her doorstep or send him/her flowers all day long or even deliver it personally, going the extra mile in such occasions will make them feel extra special.


Most people appreciate a box of chocolates and most people feel that it just wouldn’t be the same celebrating Valentine’s Day without a box of chocolates. You can go in for a flavor that they love and is sure to melt their heart.


Cards are just the right things to help convey your feelings for your beloved. You can even make your own card or choose a ready-made card and fill it up with love poems.

Teddy Bear

A cute and cuddly teddy bear is at all times a safe option, but most people combine this gift along with chocolates or flowers.


If you are still not sure about anything else, the best bet then is Jewellery. Jewelry makes a person feel special, wanted, and beautiful. It can range from a heart shaped pendants to rings to earrings. You can even buy matching pieces for both of you.

Picture and Frame

You can commemorate the time you spend with each other by giving him/her enlarged pictures of the two of you. You can even gift a picture frame with the two of you in it.

But for most people now these things are just not enough. Though they will not fancy flowers or chocolates as exclusive gifts but they will definitely notice if you overlook them. So you need to get them a gift that goes beyond the above-mentioned things.

Special Gifts

Spending time with each other

You can plan activities that will enable you to spend some intimate moments together. Arrange for an enjoyable getaway for the two of you or go out on a romantic date. You can even gift a spa gift certificate for couples. You can also take dance lessons together, recreate your first date, or go on a second honeymoon.

Body Care Basket

A body care basket is a great gift to pamper your sweetheart. A basket containing lotion, massage oils, toner, manicure set, and Bath kit that they can use will be appreciated. Add her favorite perfume to the kitty and you are all set to go.


This fashion accessory’s a very popular gift.

The Book of Love

You can even bind all your love letters in the form of a book or make a collage of your cherished intimate moments and present it to her on this day.


If your sweetheart has a penchant for fine wine, then you can buy him/her a bottle of his/her favorite stuff.

Concert/Game Tickets

If your beloved is a sports buff or if there is a show they want to badly attend, get them tickets to the show or game, this will prove a great present.

Lingerie/ Sexy Dress

Sexy dresses or intimate wears may be a bit cliché but it is generally taken in the right spirit. But make sure that your partner is comfortable with the idea, and more important get her one that fits perfectly.

Cooking his/her favorite dinner is also a great idea.

Unique Gifts

Name a Star

You can even name a star after him/her as a constant reminder of your undying love for her. This will ensure that your love for her will shine in the sky forever.

Plant a Tree

You can also plant a tree to celebrate your love. This will be well appreciated if your partner has a green thumb.

Personal Headlines

Some websites will offer to put your beloved on the front page of a newspaper or on the cover of a best selling book. This will make a wonderful and unique gift.

Make this Valentine's Day a special one for your sweetheart and demonstrate how much she means to you by giving her a gift straight from the heart.