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With Valentine's Day just around the corner, buying thoughtful gifts remains a top priority for romantic young men and women. And with chocolates as a special gift for that special person in your life, you can never go wrong. They can express the message of love in a sentimental, poignant, and thoughtful way. And though they may not last long, the tender feeling, the love, and the memory of the giver's thoughtfulness will.Chocolates are very popular as gifts for Valentine's Day and have universal appeal. People spend over $1,590,000,000 every year on chocolate! It is considered as one of the most sumptuous and indulgent foods in existence.

History of Chocolates

The Mayans of Central America first discovered the pleasures of cocoa as long ago as 600 AD. They worshipped the cocoa tree and deemed it as a food "fit for the Gods." The Aztecs who came after the Mayan's made a highly spiced beverage out of cocoa for consumption. The Spanish conquerors sweetened the concoction and carried it with them to Europe.

Within a few years, the Cocoa beverage became extremely popular throughout Europe but was expensive and was considered a beverage of the elite class.

The Industrial revolution led to the mass production of chocolate, spreading its popularity among the common citizens. It was only during the 1760's that chocolate gained entry into the United States.

The craving for chocolate was so evident in American colonies that James Baker and John Hannon built a chocolate factory known as the Walter Baker Company. During the II World War, the U.S. government used chocolates to cheer and nourish the Allied Armed Forces.

Milton S. Hershey mass produced chocolates and created an appetite for the concoction. There was also a growing demand for "luxury" or "gourmet" chocolates. The Draps family established a chocolate making "atelier" in Brussels that later came to be named after Lady Godiva. They created some of the worlds most sumptuous and handcrafted chocolates and marketed them in America during the 1960's.

By the 1950s, chocolate had established its popularity and its triumph as a big business. And because of its exquisite and elusive taste soon became a popular valentine gift. Richard Cadbury fashioned the first ever heart-shaped candy box for Valentine's Day and it was an instant hit. Others also began to market chocolates as perfect valentine gifts. Milton.S.Hershey introduced sweethearts, which were sweet candies in vanilla flavor with a heart embossed on the base. Soon after Hershey's kisses entered the scene and soon became a popular romantic gift.

Today, the people in the United States of America are one of the world's main consumers of Chocolate. They consume nearly 3.9 billion pounds of chocolate yearly.

Love and Chocolates

A poll conducted by the Chocolate Manufacturers Association (CMA) revealed that close to 53% of women said that they favored chocolates as a Valentine's Day gift. Why are they so popular

As Aphrodisiac

Throughout history, you can find legends about chocolate being used as an aphrodisiac. The Mayans consumed chocolate beverages from golden cups at betrothal and wedding ceremonies because they believed that chocolate had special romantic powers. The Aztec ruler Montezuma apparently drank close to 50 cups of chocolate every day before visiting his harem to enhance his romantic prowess. Even Casanova, who is considered the world's greatest lover, thought that hot chocolate was "the elixir of love." Even after chocolate became widely accepted as a nourishing and healthy drink, many people still believed that it was "a powerful inflamer of passions."

Even today, many people believe that chocolates can incite emotional reactions ranging from joy to passion to pleasure. This is because chocolate is to somewhat psychoactive in nature. It comprises of a chemical called theobromine, which functions as a mild stimulant. Some researches even claim that chocolates contain phenyl ethylamine (PEA) also known as the "love-chemical." The researchers believe that our body liberates this chemical when we are in love and thereby augments our sensations. It is also supposed to incite feelings of excitement, attraction, temptation, and euphoria.

But be wary if you wish to gift chocolates to your sweetheart on Valentine's Day, because studies have revealed that most women prefer chocolate to sex.

As Comfort

Many people particularly women, turn to chocolate to alleviate their pain. They feel that chocolates can fill a sense of emptiness, reduce tension, and even comfort them when they are upset. Chocolate is said to set off the liberation of endorphins, the body's endogenous opiates that can reduce people's sensitivity to pain.

As a source of Pleasure

For many just thinking about chocolate can induce a feeling of pleasure. The rich, potent, lush, velvety-smooth fantasy that bound the psyche when you bite on a piece of chocolate gives an instantaneous jolt of pleasure.

Popular Chocolate Gifts

Chocolates are available in various shapes, sizes, and varieties but regardless of all these things they make a wonderful gift. But when they are presented in the right form, the thoughtfulness of the giver is cherished. Let's now look at some of the popular chocolate gifts that are given to loved ones on Valentine's Day:

Chocolates in heart shaped boxes: Every year close to 36 million heart-shaped boxes of mouth-watering chocolates are sold during Valentine's Day and are consider fitting presents to convey messages of love and caring.

A Bouquet of Chocolate Roses: Combining the two traditional and popular gifts into one- the bouquet of roses made from chocolate will make a great gift for your sweetheart.

Chocolate covered strawberries: Strawberries dipped in dark, milk, or white chocolate and dotted with almonds, mini chocolate chips, double dipped or even decorated with two varieties of chocolate are hot favorites.

Chocolate fortune hearts: These fortune hearts with printed fortunes inside may change your fortune.

Wine-Filled Chocolates: Scrumptious chocolate balls filled with the best quality wine make elegant gifts.

Sugar Free Chocolates: If your sweetheart is on a diet or can't eat sugar these sugar free chocolates are the best things to show how much you care.

Chocolate Valentine CD: Chocolate valentine CDs with an engraved Special message can make an innovative gift.

Chocolate bears/turtles: Though not huggable, they make delectable presents.

Gift Basket: You can even gather up your valentine's favorite varieties of chocolate flavors and present it in a basket- this is perfect for Valentine's Day gift giving.