Valentine Day Cards

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Valentine Day is the perfect occasion for exchange of gifts between you and your loved one. Gift on such romantic day underlines the feelings and care towards one another. But finding suitable gift is really difficult as because emotional sentiment is deeply associated with it. Therefore, with all seriousness, Valentine gift is to be selected which is the keynote of expressing love and emotion towards each other. It is customary that the fiancé and the fiancée present gift each other on that special occasion quite inferring how much one is concerned for another. A few ideas of Valentine Gifts are given for serious consideration as a token of appreciation of love and closeness.


Picture album and frame as souvenir –

A souvenir box containing photographs of memorable moments of yesteryear jointly spent by both or any kind of memento presented by each other on first dating day or tickets of famous concert shared by both the lovers will definitely rekindle perfect situation of closeness and attachment. A colored photo frame laced with pink ribbon can be presented where the photograph of the pair may be fixed and set for future recollection. This is a perfect gift box to be shared jointly with love, emotion and reminiscence of the past bonhomie.


Wallet, Purse, Portfolio Bag as gift

Actually generally man cannot give attention and time to find his most useful wallet. When man receives a trendy wallet like bonded crocodile print or canvas leather wallet as his Valentine gift from his sweetheart, it will definitely create an everlasting impression in the mind of Eve’s Adam. Similarly, presentation of purse or portfolio bag will yield pleasant surprise and special attention for his woman.


Shirt with trendy necktie and cologne

Man seldom goes for shopping for his own the way woman does. Therefore, on such special day, if his ladylove offers him shirt in his favorite color along with a trendy necktie with a request to wear on Valentine Day, it will express absolute concern of ladylove for his man. Along with it favorite cologne of his man will complete the circle of his choice and desire.



French wine is perfect match for Romantic mood and expression. Bubbling liquor under candle lit dinner will be complete if the selective French wine if her man is presented and served on that fateful day. Wine spirit is a different mood afterwards when both the lovers will open their secrets of love and emotion indicating intimacy further.



Presence of flower is must on Valentine Day starting from the serious to casual relationship. Fresh flowers in bunch wrapped by pink or red ribbon coupled with a short romantic poem or note from male lover to his ladylove is one of the oldest and yet best gifts according to the suitability of budget.


Chocolates and sweets

Sweetness of relationship is further enhanced if his man presents favorite chocolate or sweetmeat packet or cakes packed decoratively in trendy wrapper as gift to his sweetheart. This gift is though casual yet holds a special place for concern for his lover.



There is almost no lady who dislikes jewelries. Even a small piece of diamond-studded ring as a Valentine gift can work wonder. It is better to know by her passing comments about her particular fascination and choice of color and style. Thereafter presentation of such gift will instantly bring both into togetherness and express concern for his lover.



Presentation of Rose sandalwood perfume or French perfume to one’s sweetheart will be an instant success on such occasion. It will create sensuousness and intimate closeness against each other and help in creating romantic mood and synthesis.



Designer purse for woman will indeed please the sweetheart. A trendy colorful leather purse containing small gifts like body care lotion or a pink scarf or belt of her choice will bring her close to you.


Gift Basket

A Gift Basket is an ideal presentation for a pregnant wife or mother with a cute baby. The Gift Basket can contain wonderful gifts like a huggable angelic teddy bear, baby’s first footprint kit, a colorful kid wear, a CD of lullabies meant for singing to baby. Or the basket can be filled up with seasonal fruits or attractive cookies, nuts, flavored coffees suitable for household purpose may be enjoyable for your ladylove who is bound to consider your concern and feelings for her.


Scented Bath crystals

As a trendy setter, scented bath crystal pack may be presented to the ladylove on such beautiful occasion. Scented bath crystals containing amorous fragrance and instant excitement. While relaxing in the bath it creates a kind of romantic feeling imagining of a spa visit with sensuous passion.


Candle Holders

If plan is there to spend the Valentine night at home, then beautiful ethnic candle holders are the most ideal and perfect gift along with different creative candles. This thoughtful presentation will express your exclusive emotions and feelings for your lover.

Finally, Valentine Day is the reckoning of love and feelings for each other. Whether Valentine gift is precious or ordinary - it is immaterial for both, if both the lovers show their deep love, affection and emotional attachment for each other. Gift only beautifies and signifies that eternal love of the pairs for each other.