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Valentine Day bears a special significance for every romantic couple, adult or young who have a romantic mind and mood to share. Valentine Day on 14th February every year is therefore celebrated as the epitome of love and romance.

To remember this day in memorable and passionate manner, lover has to find out different ideas to satisfy her Valentine or vice versa in most romantic fashion. These ideas will suit all section of romantic people – affluent or ordinary according to pocket budget so that warmth of togetherness bubbles out on Valentine Day. Romantic holiday with the lover on Valentine Day is Escapade with sweetheart -

Desire to remain closeness with one’s sweetheart may result a short trip where only warmth of togetherness will reign. It requires advance planning. But kids must be kept separated for this special event so that personal longings and desire are reflected all the time to the satisfaction of both. Escapade from routine life with the beloved will invite the craziness and longings with the reminiscence of the earlier sweet moments.

Luxurious cruise tour having gala extravaganza will definitely kindle the perfect desire for closeness with the beloved ones. Presently, there is great craze for such gala cruise, which is very demanding and entertaining.

Spa vacation - Plan some short trip in luxurious and secluded spa cottage. Here, lovers will apply facial, massage and a steaming aroma therapeutic bath with the company of each other where nothing but warm closeness will be ever memorable. Though woman generally does not fail to neglect caring their skins, but her man occasionally forgets to take care of it. Collective massaging and health care may be an added attraction for both the lovers.

Night at favorite hotel - If due to excessive busy schedule it is not possible to spend a full weekend together, then at least plan for a calm and quite lover night at any favorite hotel having room service. Plan in advance for decorating the room to be shared with the lover in romantic holiday.

Drive on a luxurious car with sweetheart - Plan for hiring a chauffer driven limousine and select a scenic spot for picnic. The sojourn may be beside a lonely sea beach or on a hill resort having a panoramic view. Closeness with the sweetheart on this romantic holiday will make you crazy and wild. Favorite romantic music on the way along with the paramour will definitely add a special flavor to it.

Stay at local – If time cannot be managed for outing, then arrange everything of “getaway” in your apartment. Arrange music, video, special dinner favorite to your lover. Decorate the room as per his or her selection and before the fireplace with a warm blanket, enjoy the lovely night with your sweet companion.

After final arrangement of such advance rendezvous, intimate your beloved along with the detailed brochure highlighting the nitty-gritty of the getaway into the Valentine Card at least a week before for preparation. A little advance plan will make such escapade attractive and funny some altogether.

In all the cases, attention is to be given to the personal choice, preference and desire of lover so that the sweet moment of such Valentine day remains ever memorable.

Souvenir of love – Valentine Day is the day of remembrance when the cordiality, closeness and bonhomie of two hearts remain afresh and rejuvenating. Souvenir, which is identified with the reminiscence of the by-gone era, is very important and significant for the love-pair.

Valentine Card from heart - Nothing sweetens your sweetheart more than presenting her one own-made Valentine Card. Even on colored thick paper shaping it like heart, covering with rosy ribbon laced with your darling’s favorite cut out flower and sending the same to one another day before the zero day will add a new bonding and closeness. E-card like I love you or I miss you may be mailed in advance auguring well for the ensuing romance.

Create a souvenir box for sweetheart - Prepare a souvenir box and put there any kind of memento like pictures of honeymoon or photos of first dating, a piece of cinema ticket jointly shared and enjoyed, love letters that both of you enjoyed in writing, a CD with collection of music shared together. These articles, however small, may have special impact on personal relationship and nearness to one another. Memory will indeed rekindle sweet love with urge for more intimacy. The souvenir box may be handed over with colored art paper laced with fancy ribbon, which will have special bearing on Valentine Day as a special fervor of love.

Special arrangement for the day – Candle light dinner beside your paramour with sweet music may be arranged either at hotel or your own cottage. A special dish of your sweetheart coupled with serving bottle of bubbling champagne will be fully appreciated. The dinner table will be decorated with chiffon with amber color or attractive netting. Cupid sign in fabric may be entangled either on the top of the dining table or tying with the dining chairs, lover’s bow over the lampshade or on the chandelier, if no candle light dinner is preferred.

Amorous presence of flowers - Beauty of flowers must be shared with the lover on Valentine Day. Without the presence of flower Florist may be contacted for such special occasion. But if the budget does not permit, it can be arranged on one’s own. Simply tie stalks of branches of your sweetheart’s favorite flowers, tie those bunches with colored ribbon along with a small gift like tiny vial of perfume or cologne of your beloved or the tickets of concert or theatre will add further flavor to it. Of course a special note or piece of love poem will have greater impact on it.

Special gift for the occasion - For greater attachment with the lover, present a gift to your sweetheart. A diamond-studded cuff links pair or precious gems for your beloved may be just one special gift for the right kind of occasion. Cupid shaped box must contain such gifts, which will enhance the satisfaction and intimacy. However, if budget is prohibitive, any kind of gift may be presented like chocolate, perfume or cologne, a romantic novel, a rare collection CD may be presented on such special occasion.

Create mood for such occasion – It is must that this is a special night for the lovers when two hearts crave crazily for ultimate unity. So, the perfect mood for such Valentine Day is to be created by both. A romantic atmosphere must be created, low-tone love music, dimming of lights, aromatic candor all along, romantic bed setting like canopy bed or simple ring bed hanging system, draped with silk, velvet, tapestry or chintz fabrics. It will enhance sensuous pleasure and fervor too. Perfect mood will yield complete surrender to one another at night to mutual satisfaction and romance, absolutely necessary for Valentine Day.

Other ideas on Valentine Day – If the lovers want to engage themselves or marry, Valentine Day will be ideal day for such occasion. Special preparation with the friends for the affair with intimate detail is to be planned. A gala ceremony or a private and intimate gathering may be ordained to make it a memorable one.